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Embrace the ultimate analog listening experience with the Goldring E4 phono cartridge. Designed as the flagship of the E Series, the E4 pushes the boundaries of performance, delivering exceptional detail, unmatched accuracy, and a captivatingly musical sound.

Goldring E4 Cartridge

R5 900,00 Regular Price
R4 720,00Sale Price

Engineered for Precision:

  • Hollow Aluminium Cantilever: The heart of the E4 lies in its innovative hollow aluminum cantilever. This lightweight and exceptionally stiff design ensures the stylus tracks even the most intricate record grooves with unparalleled precision. This translates to a remarkable level of detail retrieval and faithful reproduction of the audio signal.

  • Magnetic Duplex Technology™: A cornerstone of the E Series, this ingenious technology utilizes a dual-magnet generator assembly. Mirroring the geometry of the original cutting head, it ensures accurate stereo information retrieval, resulting in a wider, more immersive soundstage that breathes new life into your vinyl collection.

  • Expertly Adjusted Azimuth: Unlike most cartridges, the E4 undergoes meticulous factory adjustments to ensure the stylus azimuth (horizontal tracking angle) is perfectly aligned. This eliminates the need for complex setup procedures and guarantees optimal performance from the moment you install the cartridge.

Unveiling the Nuances:

  • Superior Tracking for All Records: The E4's exceptional tracking ability allows it to handle even the most demanding passages with ease. Whether it's complex classical symphonies or dynamic rock recordings, the E4 delivers a clean and undistorted listening experience, preserving the full sonic spectrum of your vinyl.

  • Uncompromised Fidelity: Every aspect of the E4's design is meticulously crafted to minimize distortion and coloration. From the rigid construction to the precisely machined components, the E4 ensures the audio signal remains as pure and faithful to the original recording as possible.

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