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Ascend to the summit of analog audio with the Goldring Elite phono cartridge. This masterpiece of engineering represents the culmination of Goldring's rich heritage, delivering unparalleled sonic accuracy, breathtaking detail, and a captivatingly musical sound.

Goldring Elite Cartridge

R20 600,00Price

Precision at its Finest:

  • Ultra-Rigid Pocan® Body: The foundation of the Elite lies in its robust Pocan® body. This special type of glass-reinforced polyester offers exceptional rigidity, minimizing unwanted vibrations and ensuring a clear, uncolored audio signal. This meticulous construction allows the delicate nuances of the recording to shine through.

  • Advanced Magnetic Circuit: Goldring's expertise shines through in the Elite's innovative magnetic circuit. Featuring finely etched mu-metal pole pieces and formerless coils, this design achieves remarkable efficiency. The result? A smooth and extended frequency response that captures the full spectrum of sonic information etched into your vinyl.

  • Gyger S Stylus Profile: The heart of the Elite's exceptional performance lies in its revolutionary Gyger S stylus. This cutting-edge design boasts a remarkably small contact radius (6 µm) that allows it to trace the most intricate details of the record groove with unparalleled precision. This translates to a level of detail retrieval that surpasses even the most discerning ears.

Unveiling the Soul of the Music:

  • Effortless Tracking: The Elite's combination of a low-mass armature and the ultra-rigid Pocan® body ensures exceptional tracking ability. Even the most demanding record passages are navigated with ease, minimizing distortion and preserving the natural dynamics of the music.

  • Uncompromised Fidelity: Every aspect of the Elite's design is meticulously crafted to minimize coloration and distortion. From the meticulously machined components to the carefully selected materials, the Elite ensures the audio signal remains as pure and faithful to the original recording as possible.

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