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Embrace the warmth and character of your vinyl collection with the Goldring Eroica LX phono cartridge. This audiophile-grade design transcends mere detail retrieval, offering a captivatingly musical sound rich in sonic textures. The secret weapon? The fine-line elliptical stylus profile.


Beyond the Cutting Edge:

While the Eroica HX pushes boundaries with its advanced Gyger II stylus, the LX celebrates a design that has stood the test of time – the fine-line elliptical. This meticulously crafted profile offers a perfect balance between detail retrieval and musicality. Unlike the broader elliptical styli commonly found in budget cartridges, the LX's fine line boasts a slightly sharper curvature, allowing it to delve deeper into the record groove.


A Perfect Match for Existing Systems:

The Eroica LX is a user-friendly choice for existing hi-fi setups. Unlike some moving coil cartridges, the LX features a medium output design, seamlessly integrating with most MM (moving magnet) phono stage setups. This eliminates the need for a specialized phono preamp, making it a versatile and hassle-free upgrade for your vinyl experience.

Goldring Eroica LX Cartridge

R15 300,00Price

The Magic of the Fine Line:

  • Unveiling Hidden Nuances: The fine-line profile ensures the Eroica LX gracefully navigates the intricate details of your records. It captures subtle nuances often missed by more basic styli, revealing the delicate shimmer of cymbals, the subtle breath control of a vocalist, and the intricate harmonics of complex musical passages.

  • Preserving the Analog Warmth: The fine line doesn't prioritize extreme detail at the expense of the sonic character inherent in vinyl. It allows the natural warmth of the recording to shine through, preserving the richness and fullness that vinyl enthusiasts cherish. Vocals are presented with a natural body, and instruments retain their depth and character.

  • Smooth and Engaging Listening: The fine-line design minimizes unwanted sibilance and harsh high frequencies often associated with some elliptical styli. This ensures a smooth, fatigue-free listening experience that allows you to focus on the music itself, immersing yourself in the emotional depth of the performance.

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