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Embrace the true essence of vinyl with the Goldring Ethos phono cartridge. This masterpiece of engineering represents the culmination of Goldring's heritage, meticulously crafted to deliver unparalleled sonic accuracy, breathtaking detail, and a captivatingly immersive listening experience.


Immerse Yourself in the Music:

The Goldring Ethos goes beyond technical specifications; it's an invitation to a deeper connection with your music. With its meticulous design and exceptional performance, the Ethos allows you to experience the full emotional impact of every recording, from the delicate nuances to the breathtaking dynamics. Rediscover your vinyl collection and lose yourself in the world of music, as the artist intended.

Goldring Ethos Cartridge

R28 700,00Price

Unveiling the Nuances:

  • Line-Contact Stylus for Exceptional Detail: The heart of the Ethos lies in its innovative line-contact diamond stylus. This design boasts a large contact area with the record groove, maximizing the retrieval of high-frequency details and minimizing record wear. The vital-shaped shank with its exceptionally low tip-mass ensures flawless tracking of even the most intricate passages.

  • Precision-Engineered Cantilever: The Ethos features a stiff and lightweight alloy cantilever, meticulously tuned for optimal performance. This design minimizes inertia and enhances trackability, ensuring the stylus tracks the record groove with unparalleled precision.

  • Cross-Shaped Armature for Accurate Signal Reproduction: Goldring's expertise shines through in the Ethos' hand-wound, cross-shaped armature. Crafted from high-permeability Swedish iron, this design minimizes unsprung mass, further enhancing tracking ability. Additionally, the coil separation reduces unwanted crosstalk, resulting in a wider, more precise stereo image.

Uncompromising Performance:

  • Optimized Suspension for Ultimate Stability: The Ethos utilizes a bespoke butyl rubber damper pad to maintain critical damping throughout playback. This, combined with an expertly tensioned tie-wire, ensures the cartridge remains ultra-stable even during the most demanding passages.

  • Neodymium Magnet for Extended Frequency Response: A powerful neodymium magnet sits at the core of the Ethos, creating a perfectly uniform magnetic field. This design translates into a remarkably flat and extended frequency response, ensuring the cartridge faithfully reproduces the entire sonic spectrum of your vinyl recordings.

  • Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Body for Uncolored Sound: The Ethos is housed in a precision-milled, low-density aluminum body. This rigid material minimizes unwanted resonances and maintains a low effective mass, ensuring the purest possible audio transmission.

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