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The Grado Aeon3, part of the Lineage Series, marks a significant advancement in phono cartridge design. Crafted with sapphire, gold, diamond, and cocobolo wood, it epitomizes the pinnacle of hand-built cartridge excellence.


Each Aeon3 undergoes final assembly by John Grado himself in Brooklyn, ensuring exceptional reproduction of vocals and instruments, with unparalleled tonal balance, dynamics, imaging, and realism. Precision coil winding techniques achieve exact unison between the four coils, enabling precise channel balance and stereo imaging.


Featuring 24-karat solid gold wire and meticulously crafted internal magnetic circuit parts, the Aeon3 delivers superior performance with its specially designed diamond stylus mounted on a sapphire cantilever. Grado’s patented Flux-Bridger generator design ensures superb resolution and clarity across the frequency spectrum, providing a true representation of the music. All housed in exquisite cocobolo wood, the Aeon3 embodies Grado’s decades-long commitment to craftsmanship and sound excellence.

Grado Labs Aeon3 phono cartridge

R141 300,00Price

Output =1mV @ 5 CMV

Controlled frequency response = 6 Hz - 72 KHz

Channel separation:
avg. 33dB - 6 Hz - 72 KHz

47,000 ohms

30 mH

91 ohms

Non-sensitive to capacitive load

Chasis mass:
12 grams

Tracking force:
1.5 - 1.9 grams

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