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The Grado family proudly introduces the Grado Epoch3, the flagship of the new Lineage Series, marking a significant advancement in phono cartridge design. Combining sapphire, gold, diamond, and cocobolo wood, the Epoch3 is the finest hand-built cartridge from Grado.

Assembled by John Grado himself in Brooklyn, the Epoch3 offers exceptional vocal and instrumental reproduction with outstanding tonal balance, dynamics, imaging, and realism. Grado’s perfected coil winding techniques ensure precise unison between the four coils in each cartridge, providing accurate stereo imaging and channel balance. Each cartridge is wound with 24-karat solid gold wire, the ultimate conductor for music transmission.

The internal magnetic circuit parts are precision-made with Swiss tolerances, akin to the finest Swiss watches. A specially designed diamond stylus, mounted on a sapphire cantilever, connects to the stylus generating system. The Epoch3 features the lowest effective moving mass of any cartridge and Grado’s patented Flux-Bridger generator design, ensuring superior balance across the full frequency spectrum with superb resolution and clarity. All components are encased in a cocobolo wooden housing.

Since 1953, the Grado family has been crafting cartridges, evolving from kitchen table creations to the sophisticated Lineage Series. The Epoch3 Cartridge embodies Grado’s craftsmanship and unwavering dedication to sound quality, a legacy over half a century in the making.

Grado Labs Epoch3

R270 000,00Price
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