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Unveiling a Dynamic Masterpiece

Experience the pinnacle of open-back audio with the Grado GS3000x headphones. This meticulously crafted masterpiece boasts a unique blend of cocobolo wood and metal, along with Grado's most advanced driver technology, to deliver an unparalleled listening experience.

A Fusion of Beauty and Power

  • Exquisite Cocobolo Wood: Immerse yourself in the rich sound and stunning visuals of the GS3000x. Each pair features handcrafted cocobolo earcups, meticulously matched for both aesthetic appeal and sonic performance.
  • Unveiling the Potential of X Drivers: At the heart of the GS3000x lies Grado's latest innovation: the 52mm X Driver. This powerful driver features a redesigned magnetic circuit, voice coil, and diaphragm, resulting in exceptional efficiency, minimal distortion, and a remarkably detailed soundscape.
  • Metal Meets Wood for Precision: The cocobolo wood housing is strategically paired with a metal chamber, providing exceptional control and rigidity for the large X Driver. This innovative combination ensures accurate sound reproduction and unmatched sonic power.

A Spacious Stage for Your Music

  • Unparalleled Soundstage: The GS3000x creates a breathtakingly wide and immersive soundstage. You'll hear every instrument and nuance in its precise location, feeling transported to the heart of the music.
  • Effortless Dynamics: From the quietest passages to the most powerful crescendos, the GS3000x reproduces music with exceptional dynamics. Experience the full emotional impact of your favorite recordings.

Comfort and Versatility

  • Lightweight Design: Despite their premium materials, the GS3000x headphones are surprisingly lightweight, ensuring a comfortable fit for extended listening sessions.
  • Open-Back Design: Ideal for quiet environments, the open-back design provides a natural listening experience and prevents ear fatigue during long listening sessions.
  • Highly Efficient: The GS3000x can be easily driven by a variety of audio sources, making them a versatile choice for audiophiles on the go or at home.

Grado Labs GS3000x

R48 800,00Price
  • Transducer Type: Dynamic
  • Operating Principle: Open-Air
  • Frequency Response: 4-51,000 Hz
  • Sound Pressure Level (SPL) 1mW: 99.8 dB
  • Normal Impedance: 38 ohms
  • Driver Matched: 0.05 dB
  • Ear Cushions: Replaceable G-Cushions
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