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The redesigned Grado Statement3 phono cartridge represents a significant advancement in Grado's cartridge technology, making it their finest phono cartridge ever produced.

The new Statement3 features four reconfigured coils, a precision-machined ultra-low mass generating system that surpasses the mass of any moving coil cartridge, a boron cantilever, and a diamond cut to Grado's strict specifications. These components are meticulously hand-assembled and housed in an Australian Jarrah wood enclosure, carefully designed to optimize mass distribution for exceptional tracking stability.


With an output measuring at 1.0 mV, the Statement3 delivers maximum dynamics when paired with today's ultra-low noise phono stages. Its top-end extends seemingly endlessly with remarkable delicacy and speed, while the mid-range offers richness and complexity. The low-frequency reproduction and bass dynamics are solid, authoritative, and powerful. Imaging is detailed and precise, creating a soundstage that envelops the listener and immerses them in the music.


Those who were impressed by Grado's previous top-of-the-line efforts will be astonished by the performance of the new GRADO STATEMENT3.

Grado Labs Statement3 phono cartridge

R82 500,00Price
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