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The Neo-Classic 500 Monoblock Power Amplifier carries on the legacy of musical accuracy and emotional authority, delivering double the output power of the Neo-Classic 250 thanks to the impressive KT90 output tubes. With the same refined circuit design, the 500 Monoblocks offer detail and spatial imaging beyond expectations. These robust and dependable Ultra-American tube amps stand out in their class.


Key Features:

  • Dual Mode Operation: Choose between the seductive sound of triode mode and the powerful Ultra-Linear configuration.
  • High-Quality Components: Features 10 KT90EH Electro-Harmonix Russian output tubes and substantial capacitors for dynamic performance and impactful bass.
  • Soft-Start Mode: Minimizes in-rush current and includes an "Ever-Warm" position to keep the amplifier ready for immediate use.
  • Custom Transformers: Designed and wound in-house at Manley Labs for optimal sound quality.
  • Front Panel Controls: Convenient bias measurement and adjustment, with a mute switch for easy operation.


Design and Evolution:

The Neo-Classic 500 continues the tradition of the Manley 500 and 250 Watt Monoblocks, refined over years of development. These amplifiers offer reliability, musical accuracy, and emotional authority. The 1998 redesign of the output transformers aimed to reclaim the rich mid-range of vintage designs, while the 2013 rework optimized Ultra-Linear mode for balanced, powerful sound. Extensive listening tests and measurements have ensured a stunning result with deep bass and low distortion.


R573 800,00Price
  • All-Tube Monoblock Design: 10 x KT90EH Electro-Harmonix Russian output tubes
  • Driver Stage: High current double 12BH7EH (x2)
  • Input Tube: 12AT7
  • Inputs: Balanced and unbalanced (RCA and XLR jacks, switchable)
  • Input Transformer: MANLEY IRON® (2:1 ratio, designed and wound at Manley Labs)
  • Output Mode Switching: Triode/Ultra-Linear
  • Soft-Start Mode: Minimizes in-rush current
  • Ever-Warm Mode: Keeps tubes warmed up at half voltages
  • Output Transformer: MANLEY IRON® (designed and wound at Manley Labs)
  • Bias Adjustment: Front panel, concealed under black oval insert
  • Output Tube Standing Current: 30 mA
  • Bias Setting: 300 mVDC across each bias tip jack to ground
  • Filter/Reservoir Capacitors: 3800 uF x 2
  • Angled Rear Chassis: For easy connections
  • Binding Posts: WBT (CE compliant for European models)
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