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The Manley OASIS Phono Stage, successor to the legacy Chinook, introduces modern power supply and construction, marking a new era of high-fidelity preamplification from Manley Labs. Named after a cherished Mastering Studio partner, OASIS inherits the clean, precise audio circuits of the Steelhead and Chinook.


Key Features:

  • 6922 Triode Amplification: Each channel uses dual 6922 triode sections with low noise FETs, ensuring accurate and dynamic sound.
  • Passive RIAA Equalization: Restores the original frequency response with high precision.
  • No Integrated Circuits in Signal Path: Ensures pure, unaltered audio quality.
  • White Follower Output Stage: Provides super-low output impedance and robust current-driving capabilities, ideal for long cables and difficult loads.
  • Luxurious Chassis Design: Powder-coated over zinc passivated steel with smooth rounded edges and a CNC milled facia. Available in Manley Blue, Silver, or Black.


Easy Setup and Versatile Adjustment:

  • Gain Settings: Adjustable to 45dB, 50dB, 60dB, or 65dB, suitable for all Moving-Magnet and Moving-Coil cartridges.
  • DIP Switches: 31 input resistance options (26 to 800 Ohms plus 47k Ohms) and 7 capacitance settings (50 pF to 350 pF) for precise cartridge matching.


High-Quality Components:

  • Audiophile-Grade Parts: Time-proven reliability combined with Manley's dedication to seductive sonics.
  • California Crafted: Designed and built locally, emphasizing a clean, quiet signal path and exceptional linearity of vacuum tubes.


The Manley OASIS Phono Stage delivers accurate and musical reproduction of everything from exotic audiophile pressings to thrift-store classics. Simplify your listening experience and immerse yourself in the serene audio quality of the OASIS.


R229 000,00Price
  • Maximum Output: +35dBu @ 1kHz, 1.5% THD+N into 100 kOhm load
  • Output Impedance: 104 Ohms

  • Minimum Recommended Load: 2500 Ohms

  • Internal Switch Mode Custom Power Supply: Fully regulated High Voltage (B+), Heater, and control voltage rails.

  • Operating Mains Voltage: 90-254VAC (internal universal supply)

  • Power Consumption in Standby mode: Less than 1 Watt

  • Power Consumption: 30 Watts (250mA @ 120VAC)

  • Mains Voltage Frequency: 50 ~ 60Hz (47Hz to 63Hz)

  • IEC Mains Fuse & SMPS fuses: 2A ~ 250VAC (Type: Slow-Blow, Body: Ceramic or Glass, Size: 5mm x 20mm)

  • Chassis Dimensions: W=17”, L=14”, H=3 1/2” (Occupies 2RU)

  • Shipping Box Dimensions: W=23”, L=18”, H=7”

  • Shipping Weight: 20 Lbs.

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