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The Michell T2 Tonearm: Precision Engineering Meets Audiophile Delight

Elevate your vinyl listening experience with the Michell T2 Tonearm, a meticulously crafted masterpiece designed to unlock the full potential of your records. Exclusively pre-mounted on the TecnoDec turntable, the T2 represents an unparalleled marriage of precision engineering, intuitive design, and exceptional audio performance.


Unveiling the Nuances of Your Vinyl:

  • Low effective mass of 11g: Ensures compatibility with a wide range of cartridges, allowing you to tailor the sound to your specific preferences.
  • Three-point mounting system: Provides a rock-solid foundation for accurate tracking, minimizing distortion and maximizing detail retrieval.
  • Improved arm tube design: Reduces resonance and ensures smooth, uninterrupted signal transmission from the cartridge to the phono stage.


Ergonomics for a Seamless Experience:

  • Meticulously hand-assembled: Every T2 tonearm undergoes a rigorous assembly process by skilled technicians, guaranteeing incredibly low friction levels for smooth operation and optimal performance.
  • Enhanced user-friendliness: Compared to its predecessor, the T2 boasts refined adjustments and a more intuitive design, making setup and playback a breeze.


Unveiling Audio Purity:

  • Advanced wiring: Borrows technology from the acclaimed T8 tonearm, featuring high-purity, low-capacitance cables for uncompromised signal clarity.
  • Neutrik phono plugs: Ensure a secure, reliable connection for pristine audio transmission from the tonearm to your amplifier.


A Perfect Match for the TecnoDec:

  • Complements the TecnoDec Turntable: The T2 tonearm is specifically designed to work seamlessly with the TecnoDec turntable, creating a synergistic system optimized for outstanding sound reproduction.


Experience the Difference:

Unlock the full potential of your vinyl collection: Extract every nuance and detail from your records with the T2 tonearm's precise tracking and exceptional fidelity. Unmatched value for an audiophile experience: Elevate your listening experience without breaking the bank. The T2 tonearm delivers exceptional performance at an attractive price point.


Embrace the T2 Advantage:

  • Precision engineering meets intuitive design.
  • Unveils the hidden depths of your vinyl collection.
  • Exclusively available pre-mounted on the Michell TecnoDec turntable.


Contact us today to learn more about the TecnoDec turntable package featuring the T2 tonearm and embark on a sonic journey like never before!


Please note: The T2 Tonearm is not sold separately.


R12 500,00Price

Effective mass - Low / 11g

Mounting distance platter centre to arm hole centre 222mm

Only available when ordering a TecnoDec turntable

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