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The Michell TecnoArm 2: Unveiling the Sonic Majesty of Your Vinyl

Experience the pinnacle of analog audio with the Michell TecnoArm 2, a reference-class tonearm meticulously crafted to unlock the full potential of your vinyl collection. Designed to seamlessly integrate with Michell Gyro and Orbe turntables, the TecnoArm 2 delivers exceptional value and performance that rivals tonearms costing significantly more.


Uncompromising Sonic Fidelity:

  • Low effective mass of 12.5g: Ensures compatibility with a wide range of cartridges, allowing you to achieve optimal sonic synergy with your chosen setup.
  • Custom one-piece arm tube: Shot-blasted and meticulously machined for minimized resonance and exceptional rigidity. Strategically drilled holes further reduce mass without compromising structural integrity.
  • Ultra-low friction polymer bearings: Provide smooth, near-frictionless movement for unparalleled tracking accuracy and minimal distortion.
  • 99.9999% pure silver litz wire: Michell's proprietary wiring boasts exceptional conductivity for pure, uncolored signal transmission.


Precision Engineering for Audiophile Performance:

  • Hand-assembled with meticulous care: Every TecnoArm 2 undergoes a rigorous assembly process by skilled technicians, guaranteeing the highest level of precision and performance.
  • Integrated headshell design: Ensures perfect alignment and eliminates potential resonances at the cartridge connection point.
  • TecnoWeight counterweight: Provides easy and accurate tracking force adjustment for a variety of cartridges.
  • VTA/SRA adjuster (Gyro and Orbe models): Allows for precise fine-tuning of the tonearm's vertical tracking angle, maximizing cartridge performance and detail retrieval.


Unmatched Value for the Discerning Audiophile:

  • Delivers reference-level performance at a competitive price point.
  • Significantly outperforms tonearms costing two or three times as much.
  • Perfect complement for Michell Gyro and Orbe turntables, creating a synergistic system for exceptional audio reproduction.


Invest in Sonic Excellence:

  • Experience the breathtaking detail, clarity, and dynamics your vinyl collection holds.
  • Elevate your listening experience to a whole new level.
  • Embrace the TecnoArm 2 advantage: exceptional engineering, unparalleled sonic performance, and outstanding value.



  • Designed for seamless integration with Michell Gyro and Orbe turntables.
  • Please note: The TecnoArm 2 might require the use of a separate arm board for compatibility with other turntable brands.
  • Rega turntables utilizing "Double brace technology" are compatible with the TecnoArm 2, but the VTA adjuster cannot be used in this configuration.


Contact us today to learn more about the Michell TecnoArm 2 and embark on a transformative journey into the world of high-fidelity vinyl playback.


R36 900,00Price

Effective mass - Low / 12.5g

Mounting distance platter centre to arm hole centre 222mm

Partner with Gyro and Orbe model turntables

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