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Introducing the Mobile Fidelity LP#9 Stylus Cleaner: Elevate your vinyl experience with this essential tool designed to keep your turntable sounding pristine and protect your cherished records.


Key Benefits:

  • Two-in-one solution: Cleans and lubricates your stylus for optimal sound quality and prolonged cartridge lifespan.
  • Reduced record wear: Minimizes friction between the stylus and groove, extending the life of your records.
  • Enhanced sound clarity: Removes dust and debris, reducing unwanted noise and improving music clarity and detail.
  • Smooth, grain-free sound: Eliminates pops, clicks, and other imperfections for a smoother listening experience.


Easy Maintenance:

  • Simple application: User-friendly design ensures effortless cleaning with manufacturer's instructions for best results.
  • Long-lasting formula: Cost-effective solution with a small amount of cleaning fluid providing extended use.
  • Includes cleaning brush: Soft brush gently removes debris without causing damage to the stylus.


The Mobile Fidelity LP#9 Stylus Cleaner is a must-have for vinyl enthusiasts looking to preserve their records and maintain sound system fidelity. Invest in your vinyl collection and experience the difference of a clean stylus.


In the Box:

  • Mobile Fidelity LP#9 Stylus Cleaner (0.5 fl oz)
  • Soft Stylus Cleaning Brush

Mobile Fidelity LP#9 Stylus Cleaner



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