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Introducing the Mobile Fidelity Shine-Ola CD/DVD/SACD Cleaner: Restore the shine to your discs and enjoy flawless playback with this non-abrasive cleaning system designed to remove dust, fingerprints, and contaminants.


Safe and Effective Cleaning:

  • Non-abrasive formula: Gently removes contaminants without scratching or damaging your discs.
  • Safe for all disc types: Versatile cleaner suitable for CDs, DVDs, and SACDs.
  • Easy to use: Apply a few drops to the included microfiber cloth and gently wipe discs in a circular motion.


Rediscover Clarity:

  • Improved sound quality: Ensures optimal audio performance by removing dust and fingerprints.
  • Enhanced picture clarity: Enjoy movies and videos in full visual glory with clean, dust-free DVDs.
  • Extended disc lifespan: Regular cleaning prevents scratches and damage, prolonging disc life.

The Mobile Fidelity Shine-Ola CD/DVD/SACD Cleaner is an essential tool for maintaining your disc collection. Order now for a renewed listening and viewing experience!


In the Box:

  • Mobile Fidelity Shine-Ola CD/DVD/SACD Cleaning Solution
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Mobile Fidelity Shine-Ola CD/DVD/SACD Cleaner



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