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Introducing the Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab UltraClear Record Outer Sleeves: Protect your cherished vinyl collection with this pack of 50 high-quality sleeves, offering crystal-clear protection from dust, scratches, and everyday wear and tear.

Crystal Clear Protection:

  • Superior clarity: Ultra-clear, non-static polypropylene ensures excellent visibility of your album artwork while safeguarding your records.
  • Non-adhesive design: Avoids sticky residue that could potentially damage your record covers.
  • Durable construction: High-quality materials provide long-lasting protection for your valuable vinyl collection.

Enhanced Storage and Organization:

  • Standardized sizing: Fits most standard 12-inch LP records for a consistent and organized look on your record shelf.
  • Reduces friction: Smooth material minimizes friction during record removal and insertion, preventing sleeve and record damage.
  • Peace of mind: Shield your records from dust, dirt, and minor scratches for worry-free enjoyment of your music.

Invest in the Preservation of Your Music:

  • Long-term storage: Protects your records during storage, preserving your investment and music for future generations.
  • Prevents wear and tear: Minimizes dust and provides a barrier against minor scratches to keep your records looking and sounding their best.
  • Cost-effective protection: Pack of 50 sleeves offers a practical and affordable solution to safeguard your entire vinyl collection.

Order your Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab UltraClear Record Outer Sleeves today and invest in the long-term preservation of your treasured LPs!


In the Box:

  • Pack of 50 Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab UltraClear Record Outer Sleeves

Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab UltraClear Record Outer Sleeves (Pack of 50)



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