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Moerch UP4 Tonearm: Simplicity Meets Brilliance for Vinyl Perfection

Unleash the true potential of your vinyl collection with the Moerch UP4 tonearm. This Danish masterpiece combines minimalist design with cutting-edge engineering, delivering exceptional sound reproduction in a visually stunning package.


Unwavering Precision:

The UP4's heart lies in its unique uni-pivot design. This innovative approach utilizes a hardened steel pivot resting on a polished sapphire bearing, dampened with silicone fluid for unmatched stability. This minimalist construction minimizes resonance and ensures the stylus tracks the record grooves with pinpoint accuracy, extracting every detail of your music with remarkable clarity.


Effortless Adjustment:

Unlike many tonearms, the UP4 prioritizes user-friendly adjustments. Azimuth correction is achieved through strategically placed counterweights, allowing for precise alignment without complex tools. Additionally, the UP4 offers interchangeable arm wands, providing the flexibility to optimize performance with a variety of cartridges.


Unparalleled Sonic Performance:

The result of the UP4's design philosophy is a listening experience that is both detailed and captivating. With minimal coloration and exceptional transient response, the UP4 faithfully reproduces the full spectrum of your music, allowing you to hear the subtle nuances of every instrument and vocal performance.


Elegantly Crafted:

Available in a sleek chrome or optional gold finish, the Moerch UP4 complements any turntable setup with its minimalist aesthetic. The high-quality materials and meticulous construction ensure exceptional durability and a timeless appearance.


The Moerch UP4 is ideal for audiophiles seeking a high-performance tonearm that prioritizes both sonic accuracy and user-friendliness. Experience the difference that Danish innovation can make in your vinyl listening journey.


Additional Information:

  • Uni-pivot design with hardened steel pivot on a polished sapphire bearing
  • Silicone-damped bearing for minimized resonance
  • User-friendly azimuth adjustment via counterweights
  • Interchangeable arm wands for cartridge compatibility
  • Available in chrome or gold finish (optional); Special order in black

Elevate your vinyl experience. Order your Moerch UP4 tonearm today!

Moerch UP4 Tonearm

R10 000,00Price


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