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Hyper Eminent EX: Unveiling the Sonic Depths with Uncompromising Detail and Natural Warmth

Embark on a transformative audio journey with the Hyper Eminent EX cartridge, a masterpiece of design from My Sonic Lab. Building upon the exceptional foundation of the Eminent Ex, the Hyper Eminent EX delivers unparalleled detail and clarity while preserving the natural warmth and musicality cherished by audiophiles worldwide.


Unveiling the Essence of Music:

SH-μX Magnetic Core: This innovative core material, developed by renowned cartridge designer Yoshio Matsudaira, boasts superior permeability and flux density. This translates to:

  • Minimized signal loss: Ensures every musical nuance is faithfully reproduced.
  • Reduced internal distortion: Delivers a pure and uncolored sound.
  • Lower phase distortion: Maintains the natural timing and rhythm of the music.


High-efficiency design: Utilizes fewer coil windings without sacrificing output, resulting in:

  • Wide dynamic range: Captures the full spectrum of sound from the softest passages to the most powerful crescendos.
  • Fast transient response: Accurately reproduces the subtle dynamics and details within the music.
  • Low distortion: Minimizes unwanted coloration for a natural and transparent listening experience.
  • High signal-to-noise ratio: Delivers a clear and detailed soundscape with minimal background noise.


Engineered for Uncompromising Performance:

  • Ultra-hard A7075 aluminum body: Achieved through a special ion surface hardening treatment, this body offers exceptional rigidity and is 10x harder than the Eminent Ex. The result is:
  • Minimized resonances: Eliminates unwanted vibrations for a pure and uncolored sound.
  • Enhanced sonic detail: Extracts intricate details from your records without sacrificing warmth.
  • Warm and natural Super Duralumin cantilever: Provides a precise interface with the record groove while maintaining the natural musicality cherished by audiophiles.
  • Semi-line contact stylus: Offers a balance between detail retrieval and preservation of the natural warmth of analog recordings.


Embrace the Hyper Eminent EX Advantage:

  • Delivers exceptional detail and clarity without sacrificing musicality.
  • Unveils hidden layers of information within your favorite records.
  • Maintains the natural warmth and sonic character of vinyl recordings.


Experience the Difference:

  • Rediscover your vinyl collection: Hear subtle details and nuances you never noticed before, while still enjoying the rich, analog sound you love.
  • Immerse yourself in the music: Experience a captivating level of realism and presence, as if the musicians were performing live in your listening room.
  • Invest in sonic excellence: Elevate your audio system to new heights with the Hyper Eminent EX cartridge.

My Sonic Lab Hyper Eminent EX Vinyl

R108 100,00Price
  • Core: SH-μX

  • Body: Extra Super Duralumin A7075 alloy (ion surface hardened)

  • Cantilever: Super Duralumin

  • Stylus: Semi-line contact

  • Internal Impedance: 1.8Ω

  • Output Voltage: 0.5mV

  • Compliance: 10x10-6cm/dyne

  • Weight: 9.5g

  • Recommended Tracking Force: 1.9-2.2g

  • Recommended Loading: 100-800Ω (ideal around 400Ω)

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