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My Sonic Lab SH-1RH Headshell: The Foundation for Uncompromised Audio Performance

Elevate your vinyl playback experience with the My Sonic Lab SH-1RH headshell, a meticulously crafted design engineered to deliver exceptional sound quality and user-friendly functionality.


Unwavering Sonic Fidelity:

  • Hard anodized aluminum alloy (A6063S) construction: Provides a rigid and resonant-free platform for your cartridge, minimizing unwanted vibrations and ensuring accurate sound reproduction.
  • Strategic mounting holes: Fixed positions with 3-point adjustment points allow for precise cartridge alignment, optimizing the performance of your chosen cartridge.
  • Twin key lock system: Ensures a secure and stable connection between the headshell and your tonearm, eliminating potential resonance at the headshell-tonearm interface.
  • Bright rhodium plating: This luxurious treatment boasts exceptional sound quality and reliable signal transmission. Trace amounts of platinum and gold ore enhance conductivity for pure, uncolored audio.


Designed for Ease of Use:

  • Simple cartridge mounting: The fixed mounting holes and clear markings make cartridge installation and alignment a breeze.
  • Universal compatibility: Supports a wide range of cartridges, allowing you to choose the perfect match for your listening preferences.


The SH-1RH Advantage:

  • Unlocks the full potential of your cartridge.
  • Delivers exceptional sonic performance with minimized resonance.
  • Ensures a secure and stable connection for optimal audio fidelity.
  • Simplifies cartridge installation and alignment.


Invest in Sonic Excellence:

  • Experience the difference a high-quality headshell can make.
  • Elevate your vinyl playback system to new heights.
  • Enjoy the ease of use and exceptional sound quality of the My Sonic Lab SH-1RH headshell.

My Sonic Lab SH-1RH Headshell

R4 200,00Price
  • Material: Hard anodized aluminum alloy (A6063S)

  • Mounting Holes: Fixed positions with 3-point adjustment (± 3 mm)

  • Connector: Twin key lock system

  • Plating: Bright rhodium with trace amounts of platinum and gold ore

  • Weight: 14g

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