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My Sonic Lab Signature Platinum: Unveiling the Sonic Truth in its Purest Form

Experience the pinnacle of moving coil cartridge design with the Signature Platinum, the ultimate creation of master cartridge designer Yoshio Matsudaira. This masterpiece transcends conventional cartridges, delivering a listening experience of unparalleled transparency and purity, revealing the music exactly as the artist intended.


Unveiling the Essence of Music Undisturbed:

  • SH-μX Magnetic Core: This cornerstone technology, a hallmark of My Sonic Lab, boasts superior properties:
    • Minimized signal loss ensures every musical nuance is faithfully reproduced.
    • Reduced internal distortion delivers a pure and uncolored sound.
    • Lower phase distortion maintains the natural timing and rhythm of the music.
    • High-efficiency design utilizes fewer coil windings for maximized output, resulting in:
      • Wide dynamic range capturing the full spectrum of sound from the softest passages to the most powerful crescendos.
      • Fast transient response accurately reproduces the subtle dynamics and details within the music.
      • Low distortion minimizes unwanted coloration for a natural and transparent listening experience.
      • High signal-to-noise ratio delivers a clear and detailed soundscape with minimal background noise.


Signature Platinum: The Pursuit of Purity:

  • Building upon the Signature Gold legacy: The Signature Platinum takes the foundation of the acclaimed Signature Gold and pushes the boundaries of sonic fidelity even further.
  • Unveiling the True Essence:
    • Black Ion Hardened Titanium body: This innovative material eliminates any audible resonance, providing a rock-solid foundation for the cartridge, ensuring pure, uncolored sound.
    • Boron cantilever: Exceptionally lightweight and rigid, it ensures the stylus tracks the record groove with unparalleled precision, revealing the most intricate details.
  • Transparency Redefined: By meticulously eliminating coloration, the Signature Platinum unveils the music in its purest form, allowing you to hear exactly what the artist intended. Every other cartridge you've experienced might seem veiled in comparison.


Embrace the Signature Platinum Advantage:

  • Experience a level of transparency and neutrality unlike any other.
  • Hear hidden layers of information and details previously masked by coloration.
  • Rediscover your vinyl collection and experience the music as if for the first time.


Unleash the True Potential of Vinyl:

  • Immerse yourself in the music: Feel the raw emotion and energy of the performance come alive in your listening room.
  • Invest in a sonic masterpiece: Elevate your audio system to its full potential with the My Sonic Lab Signature Platinum cartridge.

My Sonic Lab Signature Platinum coil cartridge

R193 800,00Price
  • Core: SH-μX

  • Body: Black Ion Hardened Titanium

  • Cantilever: Boron

  • Stylus: Semi-line contact

  • Internal Impedance: 1.4Ω

  • Output Voltage: 0.5mV

  • Compliance: 10x10-6cm/dyne

  • Weight: 13g

  • Recommended Tracking Force: 1.9-2.2g

  • Recommended Loading: 100-800Ω (ideal around 400Ω)

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