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The Streamer comes in a chassis that is the size of the legendary Nagra VII. Just as the Nagra Classic line form factor was derived from the Nagra V and our HD line of products from the Nagra VI, the Streamer had to compliment the form factor of our best digital recorder, the Nagra VII.


The chassis of the Streamer is compact yet massive – precisely CNC machined from a solid billet of aluminum. It is rugged and rigid. It was designed to be as large as necessary but no larger. As a result, it allows for efficient placement on often equipment filled racks where space is a premium. This Streamer’s footprint allows it to be installed close to your IT equipment and to be connected to your DAC by the means of a long optical cable.


The Streamer features:

  • Tidal connect – you can stream directly from Tidal app
  • Spotify connect – you can stream directly from Spotify app
  • QOBUZ through mConnect control app (free and available for Apple and Android tablets or phones)
  • vTuner (access to thousands of radio stations)
  • Roon ready (in progress, not yet available)
  • Airplay 2 (for Apple devices)
  • UPnP / dlna for local files


You can also play files directly from a USB key or a USB hard drive. The Streamer connects to your network with an RJ45 cable. In terms of output, it features an N-Link ouptut for Nagra DACs (using a customer supplied optical fiber) as well as S/P Dif connection for other DACs.


The Streamer comes with its own external power supply. You can further improve its sound quality by using a Nagra ACPS, MPS or a Classic PSU 12 V power supply.


Nagra is all about music. The Nagra Streamer is the missing link between modern music sources and your high quality set-up. It extends your listening pleasure to virtually the universe of recorded music via digital streams and high resolution files. We think that you will find that it was worth the wait.


R120 000,00Price
  • Dimensions:185 x 166 x 41 mm (7.2 x 6.5 x 1.6 inches)
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