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Experience Sonic Purity with Nagra VFS and Classic VFS

Elevate Your Listening Experience:

The Nagra VFS and Classic VFS are precision-crafted vibration-free system base plates designed to enhance the sonic performance of your Nagra audio components, delivering unimpeded sound purity for an elevated listening experience.


Understanding the Importance of Vibration Control:

Combatting Vibrational Distortions: External vibrations, whether from traffic or music itself, can compromise sonic purity. The VFS system effectively combats these vibrations, ensuring accurate and transparent sound reproduction.


The VFS Design Philosophy Unveiled:

Double Damping Design: With a two-layer aluminum plate design, each employing high-performance damping materials, the VFS system offers superior isolation, absorbing a wide range of vibration frequencies for exceptional detail and sonic purity.


Targeted for Tube Equipment: Particularly beneficial for Nagra tube equipment, the VFS system significantly improves sonic clarity, detail, and overall soundstage presentation.


Unveiling Technical Precision:

Cutting-Edge Engineering: Incorporating advanced damping materials originally developed for the space industry, the VFS system ensures exceptional vibration absorption and shock isolation for a pristine listening environment.


Stable Foundation: Custom-machined, non-magnetic spikes provide ultimate isolation and stability, safeguarding your Nagra components from subtle vibrations and preserving sound quality.


Classic VFS for Larger Components: The Classic VFS accommodates the deeper chassis of Nagra Classic Line components, ensuring compatibility throughout your Nagra system and delivering transformative vibration control for your entire listening environment.

Nagra VFS and Classic VFS

PriceFrom R51 300,00


  • Top Plate: 11.2 x 9.3 inches (285 x 235 mm)

  • Bottom Plate: 11.6 x 9.7 inches (295 x 245 mm)

  • Weight: 5.5 lbs (2.5 kg)

Classic VFS:

  • Top Plate: 13.3 x 10.9 inches (340 x 275 mm)

  • Bottom Plate: 13.7 x 11.3 inches (350 x 285 mm)

  • Weight: 8.8 lbs (4 kg)

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