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Immerse yourself in the rich and captivating world of vinyl with the Phasemation EA-1200, a three-chassis tube phono amplifier designed to extract the full potential of your analog recordings and deliver a listening experience brimming with warmth and life.


A Legacy of Analog Excellence Evolved: As the successor to the acclaimed EA-1000 and EA-2000, the EA-1200 inherits Phasemation's rich sonic character while incorporating innovative advancements for unparalleled audio fidelity.


The Allure of Non-Feedback Tube Amplification: With a sophisticated non-feedback design, the EA-1200 ensures exceptional fidelity, dynamics, and rich sonic textures, faithfully reproducing every nuance of your vinyl recordings.


Three Units, Unified Performance: Featuring independent left and right channel amplification housed in separate chassis units, along with a dedicated power supply, the EA-1200 minimizes crosstalk for an expansive and well-defined soundstage.


Key Features: Includes a specially tuned MC step-up transformer, a vacuum tube-based LCR equalizer circuit, enhanced noise reduction measures, and multiple equalizer curve settings for optimal playback compatibility.


A Testament to Quality and Craftsmanship: The EA-1200 exudes elegance with premium components, a robust chassis construction, and a powerful and stable power supply, ensuring exceptional rigidity and uncompromised audio performance.


Phasemation EA-1200: The Difference You Can Hear: Rediscover the warmth, richness, and natural character of vinyl playback with the power of tubes. Experience unparalleled clarity, detail, and a wide soundstage that brings your music to life. Invest in a future heirloom with the EA-1200's exceptional build quality and timeless design.

Phasemation EA-1200 Phono Amplifier

R246 200,00Price
  • Type: Tube Type LCR Non-Feedback Phono Amplifier

  • Input Type (Cartridge):

    • MM: 2 mV

    • MC: 0.1 mV

  • Suitable Cartridge Output Impedance:

    • MM: 47 kΩ or less

    • MC: 1.5 to 40 Ω

  • Gain:

    • MM: 40 dB

    • MC: 66 dB

  • Input Equivalent S/N Ratio:

    • MM: -120 dBV

    • MC: -146 dBV

  • Rated Output Voltage: 200 mV (1kHz)

  • Rear Curve Tolerance: ±0.5 dB (20Hz to 20kHz

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