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Immerse yourself in the unparalleled sonic experience delivered by the Phasemation EA-2000, a meticulously crafted, six-unit, all-tube, LCR non-feedback phono amplifier designed to push the boundaries of vinyl playback and redefine audiophile listening.


A Monumental Leap in Analog Performance: Representing the pinnacle of Phasemation's expertise in tube phono amplifier design, the EA-2000 meticulously separates all processing stages into dedicated monaural units for breathtaking realism, unmatched purity, and an expansive soundstage.


Unveiling the Soul of Your Vinyl with Tube Magic: With a sophisticated non-feedback design, the EA-2000 ensures uncompromising fidelity, capturing every nuance of your recordings with exceptional detail, dynamics, and the warmth unique to tubes.


A Symphony of Six Masterfully Crafted Units: Each stage boasts its own monaural unit, including the MC step-up transformer, LCR-type vacuum tube equalizer circuit, and high-capacity power supply, ensuring unparalleled channel separation and pristine signal integrity.


Exquisite Craftsmanship Meets Unwavering Performance: Utilizing premium components throughout, including meticulously crafted transformers, high-quality capacitors, and robust power supply components, the EA-2000 combines audio excellence with timeless design aesthetics for an unparalleled listening experience.


Phasemation EA-2000: The Difference You Can Hear: Rediscover the warmth, richness, and natural character of vinyl playback with the power of tubes. Experience unparalleled clarity, detail, separation, and a soundstage that breathes life into your music. Invest in a future heirloom with the EA-2000's exceptional build quality and timeless design.

Phasemation EA-2000 Phono Amplifier

R677 000,00Price
  • Type: Tube Type LCR Non-Feedback Phono Amplifier

  • Input Type (Cartridge):

    • MM: 2 mV

    • MC: 0.1 mV

  • Suitable Cartridge Output Impedance:

    • MM: 47 kΩ or less

    • MC: 1.5 - 40 Ω

  • Gain:

    • MM: 40 dB

    • MC: 66 dB

  • Input Equivalent S/N Ratio:

    • MM: -120 dBV

    • MC: -140 dBV

  • Rated Output Voltage: 200 mV (1kHz)

  • Rear Curve Tolerance: ±0

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