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Immerse yourself in the soulful world of vinyl with the Phasemation EA-320, a meticulously crafted phono amplifier that captures the essence of analog purity.


Analog Excellence: Rooted in a passion for pure sound, the EA-320 embodies the essence of high-end models, delivering exceptional sound quality and refined functionality.


Unveiling the Essence: With non-feedback circuitry, the EA-320 ensures uncolored audio reproduction, faithfully capturing every nuance, dynamic, and texture of the recording.


Innovative Symphony: Featuring V-I/I-V conversion for seamless signal processing and a range of features for the discerning listener, including dual MM/MC inputs, low-cut filter, multiple equalizer curve settings, and a degaussing function.


High-Quality Construction: Meticulously selected components and a low-noise power supply ensure unwavering performance, preserving the purity of the audio signal.


Experience the Difference: Rediscover the warmth and richness of vinyl playback, hear subtle details and musical nuances, and invest in a future heirloom with the Phasemation EA-320.

Phasemation EA-320 Phono Amplifier

R55 400,00Price
  • Type: V-I/I-V Conversion All-Stage Symmetric Non-Feedback Equalizing Amplifier
  • Input:

    • MM: 2.5mV

    • MC: 0.13mV

  • Input Impedance:

    • MM: 47kΩ

    • MC: 470Ω

  • Gain:

    • MM: 38dB

    • MC: 64dB

  • Input Equivalent S/N Ratio:

    • MM: -120dBV

    • MC: -140dBV

  • Rated Output Voltage: 200mV (1kHz)

  • Rear Curve Tolerance: ±0.5dB (20Hz - 20kHz)

  • Power Requirement: AC120V 60Hz (U.S.A.) / AC230V 50/60Hz (Europe/Asia)

  • Power Consumption: 13W

  • Dimensions : (W x H x D): 286 x 93 x 252 mm

  • Weight: 3.9kg

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