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Immerse yourself in the unparalleled sonic experience delivered by the Phasemation EA-550, the pinnacle of dual-mono design, meticulously crafted to unlock the true potential of your vinyl recordings.


Uncompromising Analog Purity: Featuring a unique dual-mono architecture, the EA-550 ensures unmatched separation and pristine signal integrity for breathtaking stereo imaging, stunning clarity, and detail.


Building Upon a Legacy of Excellence: Refined circuitry inspired by Phasemation's acclaimed models guarantees exceptional fidelity and immersive listening, while the newly developed MC transformer with special split-winding structure ensures optimal performance.


Exquisite Craftsmanship: With a timeless and elegant aesthetic borrowed from Phasemation's iconic designs, the EA-550 boasts robust chassis construction for overwhelming realism, expansive soundstage presentation, and unmatched resolution.


Purity of Non-Feedback Amplification: Utilizing a sophisticated non-feedback design, the EA-550 faithfully reproduces every detail of the recording with exceptional fidelity, dynamics, and rich sonic textures.


Symphony of Advanced Features: Versatile input options, low-cut filter, multiple equalizer curve settings, and degaussing function ensure optimal playback of various recordings, while high-end components and independent power supplies guarantee unwavering performance.


Experience the Difference: Rediscover the warmth and richness of vinyl playback, immerse yourself in unparalleled detail, clarity, and separation, and invest in a future heirloom with the Phasemation EA-550.

Phasemation EA-550 Phono Amplifier

R139 500,00Price
  • Type: V-I/I-V Conversion All-Stage Symmetric Non-Feedback Equalizing Amplifier

  • Input Type (Cartridge):

    • MM: 2.5 mV

    • MC: 0.13 mV

  • Suitable Cartridge Output Impedance:

    • MM: 47 kΩ or less

    • MC: 1.5 to 40 Ω

  • Gain:

    • MM: 38 dB

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