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Phasemation PP-2000: Unveiling the True Essence of Music

Immerse yourself in the transformative power of music with the Phasemation PP-2000, the pinnacle of their moving coil cartridge design. This meticulously crafted marvel transcends the boundaries of recorded sound, drawing out the emotional depths and artistic passion etched into every vinyl groove.


The Pursuit of Ultimate Sonic Fidelity:

  • Phasemation's Magnum Opus: The PP-2000 represents the culmination of Phasemation's dedication to cartridge development. Years of research and innovation come to life in this flagship model, delivering a listening experience unlike any other.

  • Unveiling the Artist's Vision: The PP-2000 goes beyond simply reproducing notes. It captures the essence of the performance, allowing you to connect with the artist's intent and experience music on a deeper level.


Engineered for Unparalleled Performance:

  • Reinvented Magnetic Circuit: The PP-2000 boasts a completely redesigned magnetic circuit compared to previous Phasemation models. This meticulous feat of engineering optimizes efficiency and magnetic field uniformity, resulting in increased output without compromising the weight of the vibration system.

  • Revolutionary Vibration System Design: Phasemation meticulously reexamined the vibration system for the PP-2000. This resulted in a new design that prioritizes optimal sound quality. By utilizing specially chosen damping materials, the PP-2000 achieves exceptional reproduction of even the subtlest sonic details, faithfully recreating the atmosphere of the recording environment.

  • Legacy of Premium Materials: The PP-2000 inherits Phasemation's unwavering commitment to high-quality materials:

    • Pure Boron Cantilever: Ensures precise tracking for optimal sound reproduction.

    • Magneto Coil made of 6N Oxygen-Free Copper Wire: Delivers exceptional conductivity for a pure and uncolored signal.

    • Pure Iron Coil Bobbin: Minimizes signal distortion for an accurate listening experience.

    • Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) Coated Body: Offers exceptional rigidity and vibration damping characteristics, contributing to a clear and uncolored sound.

Phasemation PP-2000 Phono Pickup Cartridge

R97 400,00Price
  • Type:
    Moving Coil Phono Cartridge

  • Impedance:
    4 ohms

  • Recommended Stylus Force:
    1.7 to 2.0 grams

  • Output Voltage:
    0.3 mV (horizontal direction of 1 kHz, 50 mm/s)

  • Compliance:
    8.0x10^-6 cm/dyne

  • Playing Frequency Range:
    10 Hz to 30 kHz

  • Channel Separation:
    30 dB or more (1 kHz)

  • Channel Balance:
    Within 1 dB (1 kHz)

  • Recommended Temperature Range:
    20℃ to 26℃ (68°F to 78.8°F)

  • Weight:

  • Stylus Tip:
    Diamond (line contact / curvature 0.03×0.003mm)

  • Cantilever:
    Pure Boron φ0.26

  • Magnet:
    Samarium Cobalt Magnet

  • Magnetic Circuit Material:

  • Base:
    Stainless Steel (Diamond Like Carbon processing)

  • Body:
    Duralumin (Diamond Like Carbon processing)

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