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Experience the magic of vinyl like never before with the Phasemation T-2000, a meticulously crafted, monaural step-up transformer designed to unlock the full potential of your low-output moving coil cartridges and breathe new life into your cherished mono LPs.


Unveiling the Essence of Monaural Recordings:

  • A Celebration of Mono: The T-2000 embodies Phasemation's dedication to the legacy of monaural recordings, eliminating left-right channel interference for the purest presentation of your treasured mono vinyl collection.
  • Building on a Legacy: Following the success of the T-500, Phasemation re-examined every aspect of balanced transmission and coil winding technology, culminating in the transformative listening experience offered by the T-2000.


Engineered for Unmatched Performance:

  • The Power of Balanced Transmission: Championing balanced phono cable transmission, the T-2000 utilizes a push-pull balanced circuit and shielded ground connection to safeguard the delicate signal from external noise and interference, resulting in a purer, more detailed, and captivatingly natural listening experience.
  • Newly Developed Core Materials: The T-2000 features an "extremely thin super malloy core material" combined with a large core shape, delivering exceptional low-frequency linearity and high efficiency for a deeply satisfying bass response, detailed midrange, and crystal-clear high-frequency extension.
  • Custom-Crafted Coils: Meticulously optimized transformer coil winding specifications, combined with high-purity copper wire in the secondary coil, result in a high-resolution transformer capable of reproducing a wide range of sonic information with exceptional fidelity.


Unwavering Commitment to Quality:

  • Minimizing External Noise and Vibration: Robust chassis construction, including a solid steel sheet base with copper plating and a top cover with an induction hum shield, minimizes external electrical noise. Magnetic shielding materials and high-damping rubber suspension for the transformer isolate it from external vibrations.
  • Aesthetics Meeting Performance: Featuring a stunning 20mm thick slant aluminum front panel and resting upon a wooden base, the T-2000 enhances vibration control and signal-to-noise ratio.
  • Premium Parts: Rhodium-plated Furutech terminals and TAOC high carbon cast iron insulators for the feet ensure reliable connections, minimize signal degradation, and enhance vibration control for improved sonic resolution.

Phasemation T-2000 stepup Transformer

R177 500,00Price
  • Compatible Cartridge Impedance:
    4 ohms (The manual mentions 1.5 - 40 ohms may also work)

  • Load Impedance:
    47 kΩ

  • Gain:
    26 dB

  • Frequency Response:
    10 Hz to 100 kHz (±2 dB)

  • Dimensions:
    W: 214 mm x H: 118 mm x D: 265 mm (W: 8.4in x H: 4.6in x D: 10.4in) per Unit

  • Weight:
    4.9 kg per Unit (9.8 lbs per Unit)

  • Input/Output Terminals:
    Rhodium-Plated Furutech Terminals (Note: Only one type of connector, XLR or RCA, can be used per channel at a time)

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