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Experience the transformative power of music with the Phasemation T-550A, a phono-balanced transmission step-up transformer meticulously crafted to unlock the full potential of your low-output moving coil cartridge.


Engineered for Spatial Fidelity:

  • Successor to a Legacy: Building upon the award-winning T-1000 design, the T-550A incorporates innovative technologies to deliver exceptional sonic performance. Its robust chassis construction utilizes a 10mm thick aluminum slant panel, a 1.2mm thick copper-plated chassis, and a 1.6mm thick copper-plated cover, minimizing unwanted resonances and ensuring optimal signal integrity.


  • Isolation from External Vibrations: Prioritizing vibration control, the T-550A suspends the transformer within the chassis using high-damping rubber, effectively isolating it from external disturbances. Additionally, strategically placed magnetic shielding materials further reduce the influence of external noise and magnetic distortion.


The Beauty of Balanced Transmission:

  • Preserving Signal Integrity: Championing the benefits of balanced phono cable transmission, the T-550A utilizes a push-pull balanced circuit and a shielded ground connection to protect the delicate signal from external noise and interference. This results in a purer, more uncolored sonic presentation.


  • Unveiling Spatial Details: The balanced transmission design minimizes signal loss, preserving the spatial nuances captured in the recording. This allows for a wider, more expansive soundstage, where instruments are precisely positioned, and vocals retain their natural presence.


Exceptional Engineering for Unmatched Performance:

  • Advanced Transformer Design: Featuring a custom-designed MC step-up transformer with a unique split winding structure, combined with a large EI core and ultra-thick copper wire for outstanding frequency response and phase characteristics across a wide bandwidth.


  • Low-Frequency Authority and High-Efficiency Gain: Experience exceptional low-end linearity and a powerful, articulate, and deeply satisfying bass response. Additionally, the T-550A boasts a high step-up ratio for efficient signal transmission without compromising audio quality.


  • High-Quality Parts: Benefiting from Phasemation's commitment to premium materials, the T-550A features gold-plated terminals for reliable connections and minimal signal degradation.

Phasemation T-550A stepup Transformer

R23 300,00Price
  • Compatible Cartridge Impedance:
    1.5 – 40 ohms

  • Load Impedance:
    47 kΩ

  • Gain:
    26 dB

  • Frequency Range:
    10 Hz to 50 kHz (±2 dB)

  • Dimensions:
    W: 174 mm x H: 90 mm x D: 173 mm (W: 6.9 in x H: 3.5 in x D: 6.8 in)

  • Weight:
    2.1 kg (4.6 lbs)

  • Input/Output Terminals:
    Gold-Plated XLR or RCA (Note: Only one type of connector can be used at a time)

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