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PS Audio Aspen FR30 Loudspeakers: Elevating Audio Excellence to New Heights


Accolades and Innovation:

  • Ultra High-End Loudspeaker of the Year: The FR30 has received the highest accolades, including Absolute Sound's prestigious award, affirming its status as a pinnacle of audio engineering.

Uncompromising Design Philosophy:

  • 50 Years of Expertise: PS Audio's extensive knowledge and experience are infused into every aspect of the FR30's design, ensuring exceptional sound reproduction.
  • Phase-Correct Crossover: Seamlessly integrated drivers deliver a natural and coherent listening experience.
  • Custom-Engineered Components: Designed and built from the ground up to meet exacting standards, each component ensures unparalleled performance.

Full-Range Fidelity:

  • Experience Music in its Entirety: Enjoy the music exactly as the artist intended, from delicate highs to thunderous lows, with an impressive frequency coverage of 28Hz to beyond 20kHz.

Effortless Integration and Placement:

  • Breathtaking Aesthetics: Available in Pearl White and Sable Black finishes, the FR30 complements any living space, pleasing both the eye and ear.
  • Simplified Setup: Clear instructions and a setup CD minimize placement hassles, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Adaptable to Your Room: Rear-panel controls provide flexibility for adjusting settings to achieve the perfect sound in your unique listening environment.

Unveiling the True Potential of Music:

  • Effortless Power Handling: Drive the FR30 confidently with a wide range of amplifiers, thanks to its high sensitivity (88 dB) and flat impedance curve.
  • Lifelike Dynamics: Immerse yourself in the music with exceptional dynamic range, faithfully reproducing every detail for a captivating listening experience.
  • Unmatched Transparency: Hear the music anew with a transparent and uncolored sound signature, revealing subtle nuances and intricacies in your favorite recordings.

The PS Audio Aspen FR30 loudspeakers redefine audio excellence, delivering the ultimate in sound quality for discerning listeners. Experience the pinnacle of sonic performance and rediscover the magic of music in your own home. Order yours today!

PS Audio Aspen FR30 Loudspeakers

R760 000,00Price
  • Color Options:
    Pearl White, Sable Black

  • Enclosure Type:
    Two-piece (sealed upper cabinet mid-tweeter module, passive radiator lower cabinet)

  • High-Frequency Transducer:
    2 x 2.5" planar magnetic with Teonex diaphragm

  • Mid-Frequency Transducer:
    10" planar magnetic with Teonex diaphragm

  • Low-Frequency Transducer:
    4 x 8" woofers, cast frame, aluminum cone, 12lb advanced magnet structure

  • Crossover Frequency:
    400 Hz, 2500 Hz (Linkwitz-Riley 4th order)

  • Sensitivity (2.83V @ 1M):
    88 dB

  • Nominal Impedance:
    4 ohm (3.6 ohm minimum impedance)

  • Recommended Amplifier Power:

  • Frequency Response:
    23Hz-20kHz (-6dB) half space, 20 Hz (-6dB) in-room

  • Dimensions (HxWxD):
    60.5” x 16” x 25.75” with base (10” width not including base)

  • Net Weight:
    230 lbs (104.5 kg)

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