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Elevate your entertainment experience with the PS Audio Dectet AC Power Conditioner. This robust power center shields your high-fidelity audio or video system, providing clean, protected AC power to optimize performance and extend equipment lifespan.


Standard wall outlets can compromise your audio and video quality with noise and voltage fluctuations. The Dectet's active three-zone design isolates components based on power consumption, minimizing noise contamination.


Featuring large core magnetic devices and heavy-gauge wiring, it filters out noise effectively, delivering clean and stable power for noticeable improvements in sound and picture quality. With multi-layered protection against voltage spikes and transients, your equipment stays safe.


Users report enhanced dynamics, harmonic integrity, and a more spacious soundstage or detailed image. With ten strategically placed outlets and a user-friendly design, the Dectet seamlessly integrates into any entertainment system.


For audiophiles and videophiles seeking peak performance, the PS Audio Dectet AC Power Conditioner is an essential investment. Its advanced filtering and protection features elevate your entertainment experience to new heights.

PS Audio Dectet AC Power Conditioner

PriceFrom R18 200,00


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