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Elevate the performance of your audio or video system with the PS Audio DirectStream PowerPlant 12 (P12), a high-performance AC regenerator designed to breathe new life into your entertainment experience. By addressing common power line problems and delivering clean, stable AC power, the P12 unlocks the full potential of your connected equipment.


With clean and stable power delivery, the P12 eliminates issues like low voltage, distorted waveforms, and noise, resulting in a significant improvement in sound quality and picture clarity. Advanced regeneration technology ensures your equipment receives the purest possible power, free from contaminants that can degrade performance.


Not only does the P12 safeguard your valuable equipment from damaging power surges and voltage fluctuations, but it also enhances dynamics, bass depth, and soundstage width. Featuring 8 outlets across 4 separate zones, you can isolate and power critical components for optimal performance.


The P12's informative color touchscreen provides real-time power quality information, allowing you to monitor individual zones, adjust settings, and analyze power quality with built-in tools. Plus, it's future-proof, with the ability to receive firmware updates for improved functionality.


More than just clean power, the P12 is an investment in the performance of your entire system, enhancing your listening and viewing experience by revealing hidden details and nuances in your music and movies.


The PS Audio DirectStream PowerPlant 12 is the perfect solution for audiophiles, videophiles, and anyone seeking to maximize the performance of their home entertainment system. With its advanced technology, robust protection features, and user-friendly design, the P12 is an essential addition to any serious audio or video setup.

PS Audio DirectStream PowerPlant 12

PriceFrom R147 400,00


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