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Power your dreams with the PS Audio DirectStream PowerPlant 20 (P20), the ultimate AC regeneration solution designed to unleash the full potential of your high-end audio system. Trusted by audiophiles worldwide to protect and power the world's most expensive equipment, the P20 ensures your prized components can perform at their absolute best.


With a continuous output of 2000 watts and peak power handling of 3600 watts, the P20 can effortlessly power even the most elaborate audio systems. Whether you're running a multi-amplifier setup or power-hungry electrostatic speakers, the P20 delivers clean, consistent power without limitations. By completely regenerating your AC power, the P20 eliminates noise, distortion, and voltage fluctuations, resulting in a dramatic improvement in sound quality. With enhanced dynamics, a wider soundstage, and a more natural and transparent listening experience, you'll hear new details and nuances in your music that were previously hidden.


The P20 boasts an ultra-low impedance design that ensures your equipment receives the power it needs, even during the most dynamic passages of your music. This results in unrestrained dynamics and effortless musicality, even at high volumes. At the heart of the P20 lies the innovative DirectStream DSD engine, delivering the cleanest, lowest-noise sine waves of any regenerator on the market, providing a rock-solid foundation for your audio system.


Featuring 16 outlets across 5 separate regenerated zones, the P20 allows you to isolate and power critical components for optimal performance, minimizing the risk of electrical noise interference between different parts of your system. The high-resolution touchscreen display provides real-time power quality information, comprehensive monitoring, and control, ensuring your investment is protected against the unexpected.


With the P20, you'll experience your music collection in a whole new way. Every note will be reproduced with clarity, detail, and accuracy, bringing your music to life like never before. The P20 removes the limitations imposed by dirty power, allowing you to hear the full potential of your high-end audio system. An investment in the performance of your entire audio system, the P20 is an essential component for any serious audio setup.


The PS Audio DirectStream PowerPlant 15 is the ultimate solution for audiophiles seeking to maximize the performance of their audio system. With its advanced technology, robust protection features, and user-friendly design, the P15 is an essential component for any serious audio setup.

PS Audio DirectStream PowerPlant 20

PriceFrom R250 500,00


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