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Unveil the full potential of your audio system with the PS Audio PerfectWave AC12 power cable. Meticulously engineered to elevate performance, this high-end power cord ensures your equipment receives clean, unrestricted power for accurate and dynamic sound reproduction.


Featuring PCOCC (Pure Copper with Ohno Continuous Casting) single-crystal copper conductors, the AC12 minimizes signal distortion and ensures exceptional conductivity, allowing for a smooth flow of power to your components. Its unique multi-gauge geometry optimizes current delivery for all aspects of your music, from subtle nuances to powerful transients.


Incorporating advanced shielding technology, the AC12 eliminates electromagnetic and radio frequency interference, protecting your system from external noise pollution. Meticulous engineering minimizes noise throughout its design, resulting in a quieter background and a more engaging listening experience.


Built with premium materials and construction techniques, the AC12 handles significant current loads, ensuring your components operate at their full potential. Gold-plated connectors provide a secure and corrosion-resistant connection between the cable and your audio equipment.


Experience a wider soundstage, improved clarity, and a more dynamic listening experience with the PS Audio PerfectWave AC12. It's the perfect choice for audiophiles seeking uncompromised performance from their audio systems, allowing you to rediscover your favorite music with renewed detail and enjoyment.

PS Audio PerfectWave AC12 (1.5 m)

R25 400,00Price


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