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Unlock improved performance in your audio system with the PS Audio PerfectWave AC5 power cable. This budget-friendly solution delivers a noticeable boost in sound quality, making high-quality power cord upgrades accessible to a wider range of music enthusiasts.


Featuring Pure Linear Crystal Copper (LCC) conductors, the AC5 minimizes signal distortion and ensures efficient power delivery, resulting in improved transient response and a more dynamic sound. With noise-reduction techniques incorporated throughout its construction, it delivers a quieter background and clearer presentation of your music, allowing for appreciation of even the subtlest details.


Offering exceptional value and reliable performance, the AC5 provides a significant upgrade over standard power cables at a competitive price point. Constructed with quality materials and gold-plated connectors, it ensures long-lasting performance and secure connections to your audio equipment.


Experience a wider soundstage, enhanced clarity, and a more engaging listening experience with the PS Audio PerfectWave AC5. It's a simple yet effective upgrade that can make a real difference in how you enjoy your music collection.

PS Audio PerfectWave AC5 (1.5 m)

R8 900,00Price


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