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Upgrade your AC connection with the PS Audio PowerPort Classic, a premium AC receptacle designed to enhance the performance of your audio and video system. By replacing your standard wall outlet, the PowerPort Classic offers a significant improvement in conductivity and overall system performance.


Unveiling the Hidden Potential of Your Equipment

Superior Conductivity: Unlike standard AC receptacles made from cheap brass, the PowerPort Classic features high-purity brass with 15 coats of polished nickel plating. This construction ensures a clean and efficient connection, optimizing power delivery to your equipment.


Improved Grip Strength and Contact Resistance: The PowerPort Classic exceeds hospital-grade standards for grip strength and contact resistance, ensuring a secure connection that minimizes electrical noise and signal loss, resulting in improved sound and picture quality.


Designed for Audiophiles and Videophiles

Isolated Ground Design: With its isolated ground design, the PowerPort Classic helps minimize electrical noise and hum in your audio system, leading to a cleaner and more detailed sonic experience.


Easy Installation: Designed for easy installation in your existing wall outlet box, the PowerPort Classic can be replaced by a qualified electrician to ensure a safe and proper connection.


More Than Just a Wall Outlet

Enhanced Audio Performance: By providing a clean and stable power connection, the PowerPort Classic significantly improves the sound quality of your audio system, offering improved dynamics, deeper bass, and a wider, more open soundstage.


Elevated Video Performance: The PowerPort Classic can also benefit your video system by minimizing electrical noise, resulting in improved picture clarity and stability.


An Investment in Performance

Unlock the Potential of Your System: The PowerPort Classic is a cost-effective upgrade that makes a noticeable difference in the performance of your audio and video system. By providing a clean and reliable power connection, it allows your equipment to operate at its peak potential.


A Simple Upgrade with Big Results: Replacing your standard outlet with the PowerPort Classic is a simple and affordable way to enhance the overall performance of your audio and video system.


The PS Audio PowerPort Classic is a must-have upgrade for audiophiles and videophiles looking to optimize their system's performance. With its superior construction, easy installation, and significant benefits in sound and picture quality, the PowerPort Classic is a valuable addition to any serious entertainment setup.

PS Audio PowerPort Classic

R1 500,00Price


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