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Immerse yourself in the world of high-fidelity sound with the PS Audio StellarGold DAC, a masterpiece of digital-to-analog conversion that transcends conventional DACs. Crafted with meticulous engineering and premium components, the StellarGold DAC delivers a reference-quality listening experience for audiophiles who demand the best.


Unveiling the Extraordinary


Octo DAC Architecture: The StellarGold DAC features a groundbreaking eight-DAC design, known as Octo DAC. By harnessing the outputs of four high-performance D/A converters per channel, this innovative architecture achieves remarkable noise reduction and distortion minimization, resulting in unmatched clarity, detail retrieval, and sonic purity.


Class A Gain Stage: With a fully discrete, Class A gain stage, the StellarGold DAC ensures a smooth, natural, and transparent sound character. This meticulous design preserves the subtle nuances and emotional impact of your music, elevating your listening experience to new heights.


Unwavering Commitment to Performance


ESS Sabre PRO DAC Chip: At its core, the StellarGold DAC integrates the state-of-the-art ESS Sabre PRO D/A converter chip. Renowned for its exceptional accuracy and dynamic range, this industry-leading technology faithfully reproduces even the most intricate details in your digital music collection.


Ultra-Low Noise Design: PS Audio's engineering excellence is evident in the StellarGold DAC's ultra-low noise design, which prioritizes the minimization of noise and jitter. This meticulous approach results in a pristine sonic canvas, allowing the true essence of your music to shine through with unparalleled clarity.


Designed to Elevate Your System


Balanced and Single-Ended Outputs: Whether you prefer balanced XLR or single-ended RCA connections, the StellarGold DAC offers both options, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of power amplifiers and integrated systems.


Multiple Digital Inputs: Connect a diverse array of digital sources with ease, thanks to the StellarGold DAC's comprehensive suite of inputs, including USB, I2S, Coax, and Optical connections.


More Than Just a DAC


Lossless Volume Control: Experience seamless integration with your audio system using the StellarGold DAC's high-quality, lossless volume control. Eliminating the need for a separate preamplifier in certain setups, this feature simplifies your configuration while maintaining exceptional signal integrity.


Built-in Power Supply: With a robust, high-current power supply, the StellarGold DAC delivers ample power and dynamic headroom, ensuring optimal performance even with the most demanding recordings.


The PS Audio StellarGold DAC is a testament to PS Audio's relentless pursuit of audio excellence. With its groundbreaking architecture, premium components, and unwavering commitment to sonic purity, the StellarGold DAC redefines the boundaries of digital audio reproduction, allowing you to rediscover your music collection with renewed passion and appreciation.

PS Audio StellarGold DAC

PriceFrom R98 100,00
  • Digital Inputs:
    USB, I2S, Coax, Optical

  • Analog Outputs:
    Balanced XLR, Single-Ended RCA

  • Sample Rates:
    Up to 384 kHz PCM and DSD256

  • Dimensions:
    17” x 14.1” x 4.1” (chassis only)

  • Weight:
    22.7 lbs

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