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SHELTER Model 301 MKII Legendary Line - MC Phono Cartridge

Rediscover Vinyl's Timeless Charm


Elevate Your Vinyl Experience

Step into the world of vinyl with the Shelter 301 MKII. This MC phono cartridge pays homage to Shelter's rich legacy, drawing inspiration from the iconic Model 701 series to deliver an enchanting and accessible listening journey.


Crafted with Tradition in Mind

  • Analog Excellence: Immerse yourself in Shelter's heritage. The 301 MKII inherits the revered design principles of its predecessors, ensuring an authentic analog sound that resonates with vinyl aficionados who appreciate warmth and depth.

  • Smooth, Detailed Sound: Let your records shine. The 301 MKII offers a seamless blend of smoothness and detail, unveiling layers of musical nuances with unparalleled clarity and quietness for a captivating listening experience.


Precision Engineering, Timeless Performance

  • Quality Materials: Experience sonic brilliance with proven construction. The 301 MKII boasts a meticulous blend of materials, including a stable aluminum alloy body and a robust motor structure, ensuring exceptional sonic fidelity and room for sound customization.

  • Perfect Match for Classic Vinyl: Rediscover the magic of vintage recordings. The 301 MKII excels at faithfully reproducing the charm of traditional analog albums, making it an ideal companion for vinyl enthusiasts seeking to breathe new life into their cherished collection.

Shelter 301 MKII phono Cartridge

R19 100,00Price
  •  Output voltage:

    Stylus tip:
    0.65mil conical

    11 ohm

    8.1 gram

     Tracking force:
    1.5 to 2.2 gram

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