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Shelter Harmony MC Phono Cartridge: Elevating Analogue Excellence

Unveiling the Pinnacle of Analogue Beauty


The Shelter Harmony MC Phono Cartridge stands as the apex of Shelter's cartridge lineup, meticulously designed to deliver an unparalleled vinyl playback experience characterized by purity and naturalness. Crafted as a low-output moving coil (MC) cartridge, it embodies meticulous engineering for sonic fidelity beyond compare.


Key Features:

  • High-Rigidity Ebony Wood Body: Meticulously chosen for solidity, the ebony wood body minimizes resonances and vibrations, fostering a clean and precise soundscape.

  • Nude-Mounted Micro Ridge Diamond Stylus: With ultra-precision, this stylus profile ensures exceptional detail retrieval and tracking accuracy, revealing the subtlest nuances of your vinyl grooves.

  • Boron Cantilever: Combining rigidity with lightweight design, the boron cantilever optimizes the connection between stylus and cartridge body, minimizing distortion and maximizing information transfer.


Sonic Performance:

Designed for audiophiles seeking the pinnacle of vinyl playback, the Shelter Harmony MC delivers a seamlessly smooth and natural sound with remarkable clarity and detail across the frequency spectrum. Anticipate an expansive soundstage, precise instrument placement, and an extraordinary ability to convey the emotional nuances within your music.


Important Considerations:

  • Low-Output Cartridge: As a low-output cartridge, the Shelter Harmony MC necessitates a high-gain phono stage with ample headroom to unleash its full potential.

  • System Matching: Given its high-performance nature, the Shelter Harmony MC thrives when paired with a well-matched high-fidelity turntable and phono stage.


Who is this cartridge for?

The Shelter Harmony MC is a testament to analogue excellence, tailored for the discerning listener who aspires to the highest echelons of vinyl playback. If you possess a high-end audio system and cherish the finer details of your vinyl collection, the Shelter Harmony MC promises a truly transformative listening experience.

Shelter Harmony MC Phono Cartridge

R91 000,00Price
  • Type:
    Moving Coil Cartridge

  • Body:
    High Rigidity Ebony Wood

  • Coil:
    Permalloy laminated core with 6N-OFC wire

  • Stylus:
    Micro ridge diamond (nude mounted) on a Boron cantilever

  • Output:

  • Impedance:

  • Frequency Response:
    20Hz - 20kHz

  • Channel Separation:
    25dB (at 1kHz)

  • Compliance:
    12 x 10-6cm/dyne

  • Weight:


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