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SME M2-R Series Tonearms: Performance, Affordability, and Detachable Headshell Convenience


The SME M2-R Series tonearms offer a blend of performance, affordability, and user-friendliness, catering to vinyl enthusiasts looking to enhance their turntable setup. Featuring a detachable headshell design and refined engineering, they build upon the strengths of the M2 Series tonearms.


Key Features:

  • Polished Stainless-Steel Arm Tube: Lightweight yet rigid, the stainless-steel arm tube ensures accurate cartridge tracking while maintaining affordability.

  • Detachable S2-R Aluminum Headshell: The M2-R boasts a detachable aluminum headshell for easy cartridge interchangeability, minimizing resonance and ensuring a secure connection.

  • Double Draw-Pin Bayonet Fitting: Ensures a rigid, low-resonance connection between headshell and tonearm, with internal O-ring for minimal unwanted resonances.

  • Adjustable Azimuth: Fine-tune cartridge vertical alignment for optimal stylus contact and faithful sound reproduction.

  • Tungsten Balance Weight: Precisely machined for proper counterbalance, reducing record wear and tear while maximizing fidelity.

  • High-Precision Ball-Race Bearings: Smooth, low-friction operation minimizes arm wobble for cleaner, more detailed sound.


Versatility for Diverse Cartridges:

  • Wide Cartridge Compatibility: Suited for medium and low compliance cartridges, providing optimal performance with higher suspension stiffness.

  • Manual Adjustments: Allows fine-tuning of tracking force, anti-skate, and VTA for optimal performance with specific cartridges and turntable combinations.


Available Sizes for Compatibility:

  • 9-inch and 12-inch Options: Accommodate different turntable designs and cartridge requirements, ensuring improved tracking performance and wider compatibility.


In Conclusion:

The SME M2-R Series tonearms offer a compelling upgrade for vinyl enthusiasts seeking enhanced listening experiences. Combining affordability, convenience, and thoughtful design refinements, they provide exceptional value for audiophiles looking to elevate their turntable setup without breaking the bank.

SME M2-R Series Tonearms

R93 100,00Price
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