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SME M2 Tonearm: Affordable Excellence with Size Options

The SME M2 tonearm strikes an impressive balance between affordability and performance, attracting vinyl enthusiasts in search of a quality upgrade for their turntable setup. Available in three sizes to suit different turntable designs and cartridge requirements, the M2 offers versatility without compromising on sonic fidelity.


Key Features:

  • Polished Stainless Steel Arm Tube: The M2's stainless steel arm tube provides a sturdy yet lightweight platform for accurate cartridge tracking, maintaining affordability without sacrificing quality.

  • Detachable Magnesium Headshell: Crafted from lightweight magnesium, the detachable headshell minimizes resonance while ensuring a secure connection with your cartridge. This facilitates easy cartridge swapping to fine-tune your sound preferences.

  • Adjustable Azimuth: Fine-tune the vertical alignment of your cartridge for precise stylus contact with the record groove, enhancing stereo imaging and sound reproduction accuracy.

  • Tungsten Balance Weight: Precision-machined tungsten weight ensures proper counterbalance across the record surface, reducing wear and tear while maximizing fidelity.

  • High-Precision Ball-Race Bearings: Smooth, low-friction operation minimizes arm wobble for cleaner, detailed sound reproduction, enhancing overall sonic presentation.


Versatility for Diverse Cartridges and Turntables:

  • Size Options: Available in three sizes (9-inch and 12-inch), catering to a wide range of turntable designs and cartridge compatibility needs.

  • Wide Cartridge Compatibility: Suited for medium and low compliance cartridges, ensuring optimal performance with varying suspension stiffness levels.

  • Manual Adjustments: Fine-tune tracking force, anti-skate, and VTA for optimal performance with your specific cartridge and turntable combination.



The SME M2 tonearm offers exceptional value for vinyl enthusiasts seeking an upgrade to their listening experience. Combining high-quality materials, meticulous construction, and essential features, it caters to both budget-conscious audiophiles and those seeking significant improvements from a stock tonearm. With its range of size options, the M2 ensures compatibility with various turntable setups, delivering a perfect fit for your vinyl playback needs.

SME M2 Tonearm

R71 500,00Price
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