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Introducing the SME Model 20/12 MK2 Turntable, a sonic masterpiece transcending vinyl playback boundaries for discerning audiophiles. Crafted with SME's 75-year legacy of uncompromising engineering, it promises transparent and dynamic reproduction of your vinyl collection.


Unrivaled Engineering Legacy: The Model 20/12 MK2 boasts unmatched mass and damping with a two-tiered aluminum plinth, effectively minimizing vibrations for optimal sound reproduction. Its sophisticated three-point suspension system isolates the platter and tonearm from external vibrations, ensuring stability and minimizing unwanted resonances.


Precision Design: Featuring the renowned SME Series V-12 tonearm, crafted with carbon fiber and titanium nitride for exceptional rigidity and minimal resonance. Technical specs include CNC-machined aluminum plinth, high-quality elastomeric isolators, and Crystal Cable internal wiring.


Unwavering Sonic Performance: Powered by a high-torque synchronous AC motor, the Model 20/12 MK2 delivers exceptional speed stability for accurate pitch reproduction. Its meticulous design faithfully reproduces every detail of your vinyl recordings with unparalleled precision.


Timeless Design and Quality: With sleek aesthetics and enduring build quality, the Model 20/12 MK2 is built to last for generations. Available in various stunning finishes, it complements any listening environment, representing a testament to analog excellence.


Rediscover Analog Excellence: The SME Model 20/12 MK2 turntable sets a new standard for audiophile experience, embodying SME's dedication to innovation. It's a gateway to rediscovering the magic of your vinyl collection in its purest form.

SME Model 20/12 Turntable MK2

R961 900,00Price
  • Plinth Material:
    CNC-machined, premium grade aluminum billet with acoustic damping treatment

  • Suspension System:
    Three-point, high-quality elastomeric isolators

  • Tonearm (Standard):
    SME Series V-12 Tonearm

  • Tonearm Tube Material:
    Carbon fiber and titanium nitride

  • Effective Mass (approximate):

  • Internal Wiring:
    Crystal Cable

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