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Introducing the SME Model 30/2 Turntable, a timeless legend in the world of analog performance, cherished by audiophiles globally. Crafted with precision British engineering, it offers exceptional sound quality and enduring value, becoming the centerpiece of any serious vinyl enthusiast's listening room.


Legacy of Sonic Excellence:


With over 70 years of pushing turntable design boundaries, SME delivers the Model 30/2, renowned for its exceptional sonic accuracy and reliability.

Precision Engineering Unveiled: Featuring a heavy plinth design crafted from high-rigidity aluminum alloy plate, the Model 30/2 minimizes external vibrations for optimal sound reproduction. Its unique suspension system isolates the platter and tonearm without compromising sonic performance.


Series V Tonearm Precision:


The SME Series V tonearm, with its low mass and non-metallic arm tube, offers exceptional tracking accuracy and compatibility with various cartridges.

Unwavering Sonic Performance: Powered by a synchronous AC motor, the Model 30/2 ensures exceptional speed stability for accurate pitch reproduction. It faithfully reproduces every detail of your vinyl recordings with unmatched precision.


Timeless Design and Quality:


With elegant aesthetics and enduring build quality, the Model 30/2 complements any listening environment. Built to last for generations, it's meticulously constructed with premium materials, guaranteeing a robust and reliable platform for your cherished vinyl collection.


Unmatched Versatility:


Offering exceptional flexibility for cartridge selection, the Model 30/2 allows precise adjustments for optimal sound tailored to your preferences and budget.


In Conclusion:


The SME Model 30/2 turntable sets the benchmark for analog playback, revered for its exceptional sonic performance, enduring build quality, and timeless design. An investment for a lifetime of listening pleasure, it allows you to experience the magic of vinyl in its purest form.

SME Model 30/2 Turntable MK2

R1 101 600,00Price
  • Plinth Material:
    3/4-inch thick, high-rigidity aluminum alloy plate

  • Suspension System:
    Tuned springs and fluid damping

  • Tonearm:
    Series V Tonearm

  • Effective Mass:
    9g (approximate)

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