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Introducing the SME Synergy, where uncompromising performance meets effortless luxury, delivering the pinnacle of high-fidelity sound and redefining vinyl playback.


Legacy of Excellence:


With over 50 years of audio mastery, SME presents the Synergy, embodying meticulous craftsmanship and sonic purity for an unparalleled listening experience.


Effortless Listening:


Factory-configured perfection ensures optimal performance without the need for technical expertise, allowing you to immerse yourself in music from the moment of connection.


Unmatched Sound Quality:


Featuring a precision-engineered plinth, high-performance SME Series IV tonearm, and the premium Ortofon Windfeld Ti cartridge, the Synergy delivers breathtaking clarity and warmth, faithfully reproducing every nuance of your vinyl collection.


Iconic Design:


Blending cutting-edge technology with classic SME aesthetics, the Synergy's sleek chassis exudes sophistication, complementing any environment with timeless elegance.


Built to Last:


Meticulously constructed with precision engineering and premium materials, the Synergy promises years of listening pleasure, showcasing SME's renowned build quality and enduring value.


Unmatched Performance Features:


The legendary SME Series IV tonearm ensures exceptional tracking accuracy, while the Ortofon Windfeld Ti cartridge unlocks the full potential of your vinyl collection. Integrated with a bespoke phono stage by Nagra, the Synergy delivers accurate signal processing for faithful reproduction of delicate nuances.


Own a Piece of Audio History:


More than just a turntable, the SME Synergy represents decades of engineering expertise and a commitment to delivering an authentic and emotionally engaging vinyl listening experience.


Elevate Your Music Collection:


Rediscover the magic of vinyl with the SME Synergy. Experience unparalleled sound quality, effortless luxury, and the legacy of audio excellence.


Diamond Series Synergy


The Diamond Anniversary Synergy is a celebration and demonstration of precision engineering, traditional craftsmanship and audio excellence at its best.


The Diamond Anniversary is a significant milestone in the long history of SME with many great achievements made and still being made from inception in 1946 to becoming a premier and unique high end audio company today.


In celebration of our illustrious past and exciting future this exclusive Diamond Anniversary turntable is developed from the award winning and highly acclaimed Synergy. The Diamond Series Synergy is machine finished to demonstrate the definitive precision, sharp lines and creative cosmetic profile. The hand finished fine detail is an expression of the handcrafted skills that SME is famous for. The black chrome contrast highlights and compliments this distinctive audio engineering masterpiece.

SME Synergy Turntable MK2

R768 200,00Price
  • Natural, Open and Dynamic Sound
  • High Mass and Small Footprint
  • Close Tolerance Precision Bearing
  • Isolated Suspension System
  • Precision Magnesium Tonearm
  • Crystal Cable Internal Wiring
  • Nagra Built-In Phono Stage
  • Ortofon MC Windfeld Ti Cartridge
  • Factory Configured with Minimal Set Up
  • Stylish and Modern Design
  • High Performance
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