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Introducing the STAX HPS-2, a premium natural wood headphone stand designed to elevate your listening experience and showcase your Stax headphones with style and sophistication.


A Touch of Class for Your Audio Sanctuary:

  • Natural Wood Beauty: Crafted from solid Hokkaido wood, the HPS-2 boasts a timeless design with exceptional quality and unique grain patterns. Its natural wood construction adds warmth and elegance to any listening environment, complementing both modern and traditional aesthetics.
  • Superior Craftsmanship: Meticulously crafted using furniture-grade finishing techniques, the HPS-2 features a smooth and polished surface that reflects luxury. Every detail, from the precise woodworking to the flawless finish, showcases Stax's commitment to excellence.


Designed for Stax Excellence:

  • Universal Compatibility: While tailored for Stax headphones, the HPS-2 offers exceptional flexibility. Its wide base and contoured design comfortably accommodate most Stax models, as well as a variety of full-sized headphones from other brands.
  • Dedicated Openings: The HPS-2 includes dedicated openings on the sides, providing convenient storage for Stax in-the-ear headphone models like the SR-001/MK2 and SR-003, ensuring all your Stax headphones have a secure resting place.


Functional Design for Audiophiles:

  • Protects Your Investment: By keeping your headphones elevated and off surfaces, the HPS-2 helps prevent unnecessary wear and tear on the headband and ear cups, extending their lifespan and preserving their pristine condition.
  • Improved Listening Experience: With its stable base, the HPS-2 keeps your headphones securely positioned for convenient listening sessions, preventing accidental drops or damage.


A Perfect Harmony of Form and Function:

  • Stax Heritage: Reflecting Stax's legacy of innovation, the HPS-2 seamlessly integrates with your Stax headphones, offering a premium headphone stand that enhances both aesthetics and functionality.
  • Non-Slip Cork Base: Featuring a non-slip cork base, the HPS-2 provides additional stability and protects your listening surface from scratches or scuffs, ensuring your headphones remain securely in place.


Elevate your audio environment and showcase your Stax headphones with pride. Experience the perfect blend of elegance, functionality, and Stax heritage with the STAX HPS-2 natural wood headphone stand. Order yours today and upgrade your listening space with a touch of sophistication.

STAX HPS-2 Perch

R4 500,00Price
  • Crafted from solid Hokkaido wood for natural beauty
  • Premium furniture-grade finishing techniques for exceptional quality
  • Wide base and contoured design for universal headphone compatibility
  • Dedicated openings for Stax in-the-ear headphone models
  • Protects your headphones from wear and tear
  • Improves accessibility for convenient listening sessions
  • Non-slip cork base for stability and surface protection
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