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Introducing the Stax SR-L500 Mk II Electrostatic Headphones—an enticing entry point into the world of Stax electrostatic technology, combining exceptional performance, affordability, and comfort for an elevated listening experience.


Electrostatic Advantage at an Attractive Price:

  • Stax Heritage: Designed as a gateway to experiencing music in a new light, the SR-L500 Mk II utilizes a lightweight, film-based diaphragm suspended between charged metal plates for unmatched accuracy and lightning-fast transient response.
  • Precision and Clarity: Rediscover your favorite music with exceptional detail retrieval, revealing hidden nuances and subtle elements often missed by lesser headphones, delivering a truly immersive and captivating listening experience.


Dynamic Performance:

  • Engaging Sound: Enjoy dynamic and engaging sound reproduction with punchy bass lines, crisp highs, and a clear midrange, allowing you to appreciate the full power and emotion of your music collection.


Designed for Comfort and Everyday Listening:

  • Lightweight Comfort: Extended listening sessions are comfortable with the SR-L500 Mk II's lightweight construction and adjustable headband, minimizing listener fatigue for hours of enjoyment.
  • Modern Aesthetic: Featuring a sleek and contemporary design, the SR-L500 Mk II complements any listening environment with high-quality materials and a modern aesthetic.


Enhanced User Experience:

  • Detachable Cable: Incorporating a detachable cable for added convenience and future upgradeability, the SR-L500 Mk II allows for easy replacement and exploration of different cable options for potentially improved sound characteristics.
  • Effortless Listening: Pair the SR-L500 Mk II with a dedicated electrostatic headphone amplifier for an effortless listening experience, unlocking the full potential of the headphones and revealing the true depth and detail within your music collection.


The Stax SR-L500 Mk II is more than just headphones; it's an invitation to a deeper connection with your music. Experience the magic of electrostatic sound and rediscover the world of audio in stunning detail.


Take your listening experience to the next level with the Stax SR-L500 Mk II.

STAX SR-L500 Mk II Electrostatic Headphones

PriceFrom R24 000,00
  • Electrostatic design with hand-selected thin-film diaphragm

  • Frequency Response: 7 Hz - 41 kHz

  • Open-back design for a spacious soundstage

  • Impedance: 145 kΩ (requires a dedicated electrostatic headphone amplifier)

  • Detachable cable for convenience and upgradeability

  • Weight: 479g (lightweight for extended listening comfort)

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