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Introducing the Stax SRM-700T: your gateway to transparency in electrostatic sound. Designed to unveil the true potential of your Stax headphones, this hybrid electrostatic headphone amplifier combines innovative technology with meticulous engineering to deliver exceptional detail, captivating warmth, and unmatched sonic accuracy.


A Fusion of Technologies:

  • Hybrid Powerhouse: Breaking the mold with its unique design, the SRM-700T combines a custom-made low-noise dual FET in the first stage for exceptional control and precision with a high-output GT (glass top) 6SN7 vacuum tube stage renowned for its smooth and natural sonic characteristics. This innovative combination ensures unparalleled sound reproduction with breathtaking clarity and a touch of warmth.
  • Effortless Power Delivery: Drive even the most demanding Stax electrostatic headphones with ease. The SRM-700T boasts a robust power supply and high-quality components, providing ample power reserves and unmatched control over the electrostatic diaphragm for pristine audio with exceptional dynamics and precise detail.


A Breath of Fresh Air for Stax Sound:

  • Open and Spacious Presentation: Experience Stax sound in a new light with the SRM-700T's slightly deviated signature, offering a more open and airy soundstage compared to its siblings. This unique characteristic allows instruments to breathe, creating a natural and immersive listening experience, particularly for classical, acoustic, and jazz music enthusiasts.
  • Tailored Listening: Fine-tune your experience with switchable RCA and XLR inputs for versatile connectivity with various audio sources. The volume control bypass function allows for a direct connection to a preamplifier output, appealing to purists seeking the most transparent signal path.


Unwavering Commitment to Quality:

  • Stax Heritage: Upholding Stax's legacy of innovation since 1938, the SRM-700T features meticulous engineering, high-grade components, and robust construction for lasting performance and enduring value.
  • Sophisticated Design: A statement piece for discerning listeners, the SRM-700T's sleek black chassis exudes elegance, while clear design elements showcase exceptional craftsmanship, making it a perfect complement to any listening environment.


Embrace a new sonic landscape with the Stax SRM-700T. This innovative hybrid amplifier unlocks a world of captivating warmth, exceptional detail, and unmatched sonic accuracy for your Stax headphones. Order yours today and rediscover your music collection in a whole new light.

STAX SRM-700T hybrid Electrostatic Headphone Amplifier

R97 500,00Price
  • Hybrid design with FET input and 6SN7 vacuum tube output stage
  • High-output GT (glass top) 6SN7 vacuum tube for smooth and natural sound
  • Ample power reserves for driving demanding Stax headphones
  • Open and airy soundstage for a spacious listening experience
  • Switchable RCA and XLR inputs for versatile connectivity
  • Volume control bypass function for purists
  • High-grade components and robust construction
  • Sleek black chassis with timeless design
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