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Introducing the Stax SRM-D50: your gateway to unlocking the full potential of your electrostatic headphones right on your desktop. This high-fidelity DAC/amplifier combo is meticulously designed to complement Stax electrostatic headphones, delivering exceptional sound quality, versatility, and user-friendliness for discerning audiophiles.


Electrostatic Advantage, Simplified:

  • Effortless Stax Performance: Experience the unmatched clarity, precision, and speed of Stax electrostatic technology with the SRM-D50. It simplifies your setup by eliminating the need for separate components, providing a streamlined solution to drive your Stax headphones directly from your digital audio source.
  • High-Resolution Audio Decoding: Immerse yourself in the full detail of your music library with the SRM-D50's high-performance DAC, supporting high-resolution audio formats like DSD 5.6 MHz and PCM 384 kHz/32-bit, ensuring you hear every nuance encoded within your lossless music files.


Versatile Connectivity for Your Digital Setup:

  • Seamless Integration: Connect the SRM-D50 to virtually any digital audio source with its diverse input options, including USB, optical, or coaxial digital inputs, ensuring compatibility with your existing audio setup.
  • Analog Compatibility: The SRM-D50 also features an RCA analog input, allowing you to connect analog audio sources like turntables or CD players, providing added flexibility for a wider range of devices.


A User-Friendly Experience:

  • Simple Setup: Get started in no time with the SRM-D50's minimal setup requirements, allowing you to focus on enjoying your music. Simply connect it to your digital audio source and your Stax headphones to rediscover your music collection in stunning detail.
  • Intuitive Design: The SRM-D50 boasts a user-friendly design with clear controls and a VU meter for easy monitoring of input signal strength, enabling you to adjust volume levels and gain for an optimal listening experience.


Exceptional Value for Electrostatic Performance:

  • Stax Quality, Uncompromised: Experience the unmatched sonic fidelity Stax is renowned for with the SRM-D50, offering exceptional value without the need for a separate DAC and amplifier setup.
  • Compact Design: The sleek and compact design of the SRM-D50 makes it a perfect fit for desktops with limited space, blending seamlessly into any listening environment with its minimalist aesthetic.


Elevate your audio experience with the Stax SRM-D50. This powerful DAC/amplifier combo unlocks the true potential of your Stax headphones, revealing a world of unparalleled sound quality, detail, and audiophile bliss.

STAX SRM-D50 DAC/Amplifier

R31 700,00Price
  • High-performance DAC supporting DSD 5.6 MHz and PCM 384 kHz/32-bit audio
  • Dedicated electrostatic headphone amplifier for Stax headphones
  • Versatile digital inputs: USB, optical, and coaxial
  • Analog RCA input for added compatibility
  • User-friendly design with clear controls and VU meter
  • Compact and sleek design for desktops with limited space
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