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Earspeaker System (SR-X1 + SRM-270S)


SR-X1 (Earspeaker)
• Wide Frequency Response: Ranging from DC to 35,000Hz for full-spectrum audio reproduction.
• Minimal Distortion: Harmonic distortion of 0.01% or less ensures crystal-clear sound.


SRM-270S (Energizer)

• Enhanced Heat Dissipation: A 3mm-thick front aluminum panel and a larger aluminum extrusion case for effective heat management. aluminum case for effective heat management.
• High-Grade Connectivity: RCA pin jacks and a 3mm-thick front aluminum panel ensure a pristine connection.
• Low Noise FET: Selected for the First Stage amplifier, paired with a refined emitter follower circuit in the Output Stage for unparalleled clarity.
• Compact Chassis: Easy for placement, transportability and aesthetic appeal

• Flexible Installation: PARALLEL OUT terminals facilitate easy incorporation into your existing audio system, whether for music enjoyment or enhancing movie experiences at your desktop or bedside.

STAX SRS-X1000 Earspeaker System (SR-X1 + SRM-270s)

R26 000,00Price
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