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Immerse yourself in the captivating world of high-fidelity audio with the Sugden Masterclass DAC-4 Digital-to-Analog Converter. Unlike other DACs that prioritize the latest digital trends, the DAC-4 prioritizes one thing above all else: exceptional sound quality.


Engineered for Musical Fidelity:

  • "Rescuing Music from Technology": The Sugden philosophy is evident in the DAC-4's meticulous design. It prioritizes musicality over technical specifications, utilizing proprietary conversion circuits and data reformatting to deliver a near-analog listening experience.
  • No Oversampling or Digital Filtering: The DAC-4 eschews unnecessary processing, ensuring a transparent and uncolored sound that faithfully reproduces the nuances of your digital music.


Uncompromising Performance:

  • High-Quality Output: The DAC-4 delivers a robust 2.15 volts output, providing ample power for your preamplifier or integrated amplifier.
  • Wide Frequency Response: Experience the full spectrum of sound, from the deep bass to the soaring highs, with the DAC-4's exceptional frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz (±1.5dB).
  • Exceptional Signal-to-Noise Ratio: Enjoy a quiet listening experience with a remarkable signal-to-noise ratio exceeding 80dB, minimizing background noise and allowing the music to shine through.


Designed for Seamless Integration:

  • Versatile Connectivity: Connect a wide range of digital sources with ease using the DAC-4's comprehensive selection of inputs: three SPDIF coaxial, two SPDIF optical, and one USB Type B.
  • Convenient Outputs: Connect to your preamplifier or integrated amplifier using the RCA stereo analog output. Additionally, a digital coaxial output allows for further processing if desired.
  • Intuitive Controls: The DAC-4 features a user-friendly front panel with a power switch, power lamp, input selector switch, and a digital lock lamp for easy control.


Upgrade your digital music experience today with the Sugden Masterclass DAC-4 Digital-to-Analog Converter. Rediscover the magic of music, presented in its purest form.

Sugden Masterclass DAC-4 Digital to Analog Converter

PriceFrom R58 400,00
  • Output:
    2.15 Volts

  • Frequency Response:
    20Hz-20kHz (±1.5dB)

  • Signal to Noise Ratio:
    > 80dB

  • Dimensions:
    90 x 250 x 330mm (hwd)

  • Weight:
    5kg (packed)

  • Digital Input:

    • SPDIF: 16-24 bit word length, with sample rates from 32 to 96kHz

    • USB: Up to 16 bit 44.1kHz/s

  • Power Consumption:
    12 Watts

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