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Unite the finest aspects of digital and analog audio with the Sugden Sapphire DAP-800 Digital-to-Analogue Pre-amplifier. This meticulously crafted device serves as the heart of your audio system, offering unparalleled control, exceptional sound quality, and unmatched versatility.


A Symphony of Digital and Analog Excellence:

  • Dual-Mono Design with Independent Power Supplies: Experience pristine audio fidelity with the DAP-800's innovative design. Separate analog and digital circuits, each powered by dedicated power supplies, ensure a truly exceptional listening experience, free from electrical interference.
  • Sugden VCV Analog Stage: Immerse yourself in the rich, detailed sound characteristic of Sugden's VCV circuit. This advanced design boasts a high-impedance input section, a current gain stage, and a Class A output stage, delivering a sophisticated, neutral, and transparent sonic presentation.


Uncompromising Digital Performance:

  • Jitter Reduction and Error Control: Rediscover the purity of your digital music with the DAP-800's dedicated transceiver circuit. This innovative technology reformats data before conversion, minimizing jitter and ensuring error-free playback.
  • Natural Sound Through Analog Filtering: Experience the music as the artist intended. The DAP-800 eschews oversampling and digital filtering, instead utilizing a high-quality analog filter for exceptional bandwidth and a natural, uncolored sound.
  • Wide Format Compatibility: Connect a vast array of digital sources with ease. The DAP-800 supports a variety of digital formats, including SPDIF coaxial, SPDIF optical, and USB-B. Additionally, the USB input offers "plug and play" functionality for seamless music streaming from your computer or dedicated music streamer.


Unmatched Versatility and Control:

  • Comprehensive Input and Output Options: Connect your entire audio system with the DAP-800's extensive selection of inputs and outputs. The unit features four line-level inputs, one balanced input, a bypass input, three SPDIF coaxial inputs, two SPDIF optical inputs, a USB-B input, two line-level outputs, one balanced output, and a dedicated tape output.
  • Motorised Remote Control Convenience: Control the DAP-800 from the comfort of your listening position using the included RC5-compatible remote control, providing effortless volume adjustment and source selection.


Elevate your audio experience to new heights with the Sugden Sapphire DAP-800 Digital-to-Analogue Pre-amplifier. It's the perfect marriage of digital versatility and analog purity, designed to be the control center of your audio dreams.

Sugden Sapphire DAP-800 Digital-to-Analogue Pre-amplifier

PriceFrom R123 300,00
  • Input Sensitivity: 120mV for 1 Volt out

  • Maximum Output: 9 Volts

  • Frequency Response: 0dB from 15Hz to 98kHz

  • Bandwidth: 8Hz to 125kHz

  • Signal to Noise Ratio: > 85dB

  • Distortion: < 0.05% @ 1kHz, 1 Volt out

  • Dimensions: 120 x 430 x 340mm (hwd)

  • Weight: 10kg (packed)

  • Inputs:

    • Analog: Four line level inputs, one balanced input, bypass input

    • Digital: Three SPDIF coax, two SPDIF optical, one USB type B (word length up to 24bit 96k, USB up to 16 bit 44.1ks/s)

  • Outputs: Two line level outputs, one balanced output, tape output

  • Volume Control: Motorised remote control (analogue) RC5 compatible

  • Mains Power Switching: Separate for analogue and digital circuits

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